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Xerath, the Magus Ascendant Rework on PBE Today!

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Read all the discussion on NA and EUW forums. Some people dislike the skillshot E and have really valid points, but apparently the skillset is not going to change anymore, only minor tweaks.

Xelnath, for the future, please do not refer to the surveys results all too much. Do not forget that the majority of the playerbase has little understanding of mechanics and balance. I know I sound like an arrogant jerk right now, but this is the truth. Overall feedback might seem positive, but the rework itself nerfs this champion to the ground, and he maintains very little of the original champion. Much like Karma's rework.

Old Xerath worked due to his insane aoe burst, almost guaranteed stun and free magic penetration/armor stats. He was an ultimate-only champion, but considering his cooldowns was one of the lowest from all the AP mages it somehow worked. For now, he lost all his free build-in power from % magic pen, cooldowns and bursting speed. His laning currently is one of the weakest of all mid laners. He needs both of his Q/W maxed. Number of his counters has increased. He is the champion that has to be babysat/allowed to freefarm to be impactful to the game, and this IS NOT going to work for soloq.

Now to the recent changes:

Passive: Ok changes, I like the cooldown on the ability and increased mana heal when autoattacking champions.
Q: now works better, but It changes direction if you click movement too fast, before the actual animation starts. Kinda messy. And the cooldown is bugged, its supposed to be 3 seconds at 40% CDR, but it is 4 in reality. And shorter no charing range still sucks. Having more range at maximum charge time is nearly useless. Longer no-charge range or faster charging/increased damage would help his laning a ton.

W: Horrible Low Lvl Cooldown/Damage. Nearly non-existant skill until maxed / has decent AP/M.Pen. Increasing these will help his weak laning a ton.

E: Used to be a copy of Ahri's charm, now a copy of Jinx W with lower range. Gee... If not for this skill, the champion could actually be at least able to defend himself. Oh Mage Chains, I already miss you so much.

R: I like that you removed the vision, it was really insanely strong, almost a Destiny. But I still think the range is too big, you don't even need to come close to opponents. It shouldn't have Lux-level range. Id much prefer smaller range, shorter cooldown or bigger damage. Wasting a barrage shot to scout is okay too, but the damage seems to be lacking, as it is now easier to dodge. I also like the radius of impact increase when leveling the skill, good changes.

About the animation: I like everything so far, great autos, great Q, needs better explosion of W and should be perfect. Waiting for the ult update, kudos to the animators.

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From the videos I've seen of the Rework I'd say:
-The Arcanopulse charging is a good thing but the alert animation stage need to be removed or its time gets reduced as charging already alerts the enemy.
-Ascension: The animation is good but the projectiles are lame they are like drops of water..they need more freaky effects like more splash and more destructive look..Also it got a high cooldown now which will limit his combos to E W Q (if ulti is on cd) and will run if he failed to kill the enemy.
-Cosmic Strike: Better to be a damage-only based skill, CC is useless we already got a stun,and to be casted simultaneously with Q.
-Spell Sphere : I prefer the old one.
-His role is a damage dealer not a support.
-His base movement speed needs to be increased a bit since his W no longer gives him the 35% speed bonus.

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Name his ultimate Spectral Beam