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Tribunal FAQ

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Hey all,

Some of the information in the old FAQ was getting quite out of date.

1. What is the Tribunal?

The Tribunal is a system that empowers the League of Legends community to challenge each other to become the world's most sportsmanlike community. To visit and try out the Tribunal, you can click here: [http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/Tribunal/]

2. Who is eligible to use the Tribunal?
Currently, League of Legends players at least level 20 can vote on Tribunal cases. However, receiving behavior-related suspensions from either the Tribunal or Riot Player Support will revoke Tribunal privileges.

3. How does the Tribunal work?
The Tribunal identifies players who have been consistently reported by the community over a large number of games and builds a Tribunal case for them. These cases are presented to random Tribunal community members who then review the case files and render a judgment—pardon or punish. Player Support then uses this information to help assign the right penalties to the right players.

4. How does the Tribunal choose who to build a case for?
The Tribunal identifies players who have been consistently negative over a large number of games.

5. How many reports put you in the Tribunal?
Typically a large number of reports are required before a player appears in the Tribunal, so if you had a bad game and are reported, don't worry! You will most likely not end up in the Tribunal.

The Tribunal takes into account the credibility of the people who file reports. If you are a positive player in League of Legends and only report when the offenses deserve it, your reports will actually be worth a lot more in the Tribunal than someone who abuses the reporting system and falsely reports lots of players.

Generally, players who follow the Summoner's Code and respect their fellow gamers should never be concerned about seeing the Tribunal.

6. What information is provided in Tribunal cases for reviewers?
Tribunal case evidence includes report reasons and comments, in-game chat log, per player stats and inventory, date, time, map, and mode for each individual game from which the case is built.

Tribunal cases do not provide summoner names and other personal information.

7. I am banned until 2286, what does that mean?
You are permanently banned for behavior-related issues.

8. I disconnected from a game due to an emergency, will the Tribunal ban me?

Though you may be reported to the Tribunal, AFKs and leavers are managed by a separate system called LeaverBuster. However, you will not be banned by either system for a single incident; these systems detect patterns of bad behavior / leaving.

9. Does skipping count against your case limit?
Yes, but this could change in the future.

10. What does “Tribunal is in Recess” mean?
“Tribunal is in Recess” means that no cases are available for review in the Tribunal at the moment. This does not mean there are no more toxic players in League of Legends! The Tribunal just needs some time to build more cases.

11. I’ve closed the game before I could report. Can I still report people?
Players can only report at the end of game screen.

12. What is the “Reform Card?”
The Reform Card is an experimental feature that provides feedback to players who are sent to the Tribunal to help improve their in-game behavior. Players who are punished by the Tribunal will receive an e-mail with a URL to a Reform Card that outlines details of their particular case; details include the final decision, the community agreement and the punishment - if there was one.

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Player Behaviour Expert

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More information on how the Tribunal works and how well it works

14. Why doesn't Riot post a list of rules for what you can be banned for?
We believe in giving the community what it needs to define itself and that includes what is acceptable or unacceptable behavior. Any rules provided by Riot Games could unnecessarily influence the community.

15. Does Tribunal show pre-game and post-game chat?
This is something in our backlog, however we are working on some higher priority features to improve Tribunal.

16. How automated is the system?
The Tribunal automatically assigns some low-level penalties to players, such as e-mail warnings. More severe cases, however, are reviewed and assigned punishments manually by Player Support.

Riot has a full team of Player Support that just reviews Tribunal cases after players voted on them. Just because there's the Tribunal doesn't mean there's a smaller Player Support team or have less staff than other video game developers.

Tribunal doesn't issue permanent bans. They escalate your accounts to PB&J team and a special Player Support team and the team would have to approve it. The Tribunal is also not the only way a player can get banned in League of Legends. There are several other systems that run sophisticated audits on player behavior and can immediately escalate an account to a 14-day or permanent ban depending on the severity of the offenses.

17. How accurate is the system? Why are we letting other players be judges of behavior?
The Tribunal is based on a lot of sophisticated research on the concept of crowd-sourcing intelligence. Over the past year, we have fine-tuned the algorithms such that combining our Player Support with the Tribunal has resulted in accuracies far higher than traditional Player Support. One of the main reasons it is so effective is because the players that frequent use the Tribunal are the players interested in making a difference in the community—they are careful, thoughtful and accurate in their verdicts.

18. If the Tribunal is correct on 99.5% of cases but incorrect on 0.5%, is it broken?
The answer here should be no; however, players tend to only see the cases that are posted on the forums and more often than not, it's one of the 0.5% of cases that are off the mark. This shouldn't be surprising, the cases that are off the mark are the ones worth posting and making a big fuss about. If 0.5% of cases are blatantly wrong, we need to address them and fix them. However, this does not mean the Tribunal is broken.

19. Do paying players get leniency?

Paying customers are treated exactly the same a non-paying customers by the Tribunal.

20. Can I be banned for not playing the meta?
Players are not banned by the Tribunal for not playing the meta; they are banned for consistently creating negative experiences for others.

We have data suggesting that reviewers of Tribunal cases are very thoughtful and accurate in their verdicts, so if you were reported for not playing the meta but were being a positive player, you can expect to be judged fairly.

In general, players should feel empowered to play what they want and to try new strategies; however, this does not give you a license to be disrespectful or rude to your fellow gamers.

21. Does playing more games mean I have more chances of being banned?
The Tribunal takes into account how many games you have played. If you have played thousands of games and get reported a dozen times, you will be less likely to enter than the Tribunal than someone who played a hundred games and is reported a hundred times. However, if you are extremely, unbelievably toxic in a small number of games, then the Tribunal does not care if you have played thousands of games.

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Player Behaviour Expert

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22. Is there a role/champion that tends to be reported/ punished more often than other roles/champions?
Players don't change their behaviors much when they swap roles. Some champions might be reported more (e.g., pre-rework Eve), however, they did not end up in the Tribunal more often than other champions and even when they did, they are not punished more often either.

23. Can I be banned for playing an unpopular champion?
No, the Tribunal does not ban players for playing unpopular champions. You should feel empowered to play any champion you like, any way you like as long as you are creating a positive experience for everyone in the game.

24. Will I be banned for cases before my last ban?
If you are banned by Tribunal, it no longer counts any games prior to the ban for any future Tribunal cases.

25. Why do some Tribunal cases only have one incident? Can a player be sent to the Tribunal for only one game?
Players are only sent to the Tribunal for consistently creating negative experiences over multiple games. However, the Tribunal pulls recent games when attempting to make a case. Because of this, it might be possible for a case to only contain one game but the player has actually received hundreds of reports.

26. What if the random cases you pick are not the bad ones? How do you choose what cases to show?
Actually, we have made a few changes to the Tribunal and it begins choosing cases that are more representative of the games that sent the player to the Tribunal. For example, if a player was reported by 8 players in a game and was reported by 1 player in a game, the Tribunal will tend to choose the game with 8 reports.

27. I only have one bad game in my Tribunal Reform Card, why am I banned??? There’s only one game, how can I decide whether I should ban this player or not?
There is also no requirement that all games in a case have to be toxic for it to warrant a suspension. Depending on the case, sometimes one game is all that is needed to show that the player deserves a suspension. For example, the community might punish a player who uses death threats in 1 game, but doesn’t necessarily rage in other games. To Tribunal reviewers, decisions like these are up to you. When you view a Tribunal case, the questions you should ask yourselves are, "Is this player's behavior appropriate in League of Legends?" and "Would I want to play with this player?"

28. This player should have been banned, but he was pardoned. The Tribunal is broken!
The Tribunal was inspired by 'crowdsourcing' research. When Lyte was still a student, he worked with labs that developed games such as "Foldit" that took advantage of crowdsourcing to find solutions to extremely tricky tasks--when you read this research you truly appreciate how accurate crowdsourcing systems can be. In fact, the Tribunal is far more accurate than traditional Player Support.

However, the Tribunal isn't perfect. The design is based on statistical probability and random sampling and every system like this has outliers. This means that sometimes, a player has an egregious Tribunal case but is still pardoned because he happened to get a lenient set of voters; however, if the player is truly toxic, he actually is re-sent back to the Tribunal in a handful of games and is usually accurately punished in his second visit to the Tribunal.

Because the Tribunal is designed to identify frequency and consistency of toxic behavior, this is why it doesn't take into account the severity of the offense. If a player is extremely toxic he will quickly get banned multiple times by the Tribunal until he is permanent-banned; in fact, extremely toxic players end up permanent banned significantly faster than players who are 'less severe.' In the future, we may want to brainstorm ways to improve on the Tribunal so that it does take into account severity and adjusts punishments accordingly... but we're not there yet.

29. That player in my game was far worse than me. Why am I banned???
I'll keep this one simple: those other players in your game that you thought were worse are probably also banned. Nearly 100% of the time, those players were banned even before you were. If someone is being toxic, just report them and move on.

We strongly believe that it is not OK to retaliate. If a player refuses to cooperate and says something negative, then players should ignore the player and report them after the game. Players can ignore or mute players by pressing the “Mute” button on the Scoreboard [when you hit TAB] in the game.

If a player retaliates and says something bad back, then the two of you have made a negative experience for potentially the other 8 players in the game. Rarely do teams start working together better when players begin fighting back—great games only happen when players cooperate and don’t make the issues even worse by fighting back and forth.

30. You are talking about sportsmanlike, but I don’t think reporting “unskilled players” is anything sportsmanlike. Also it’s hard to draw a line of what is unskilled.

No one will be banned for receiving too many “Unskilled Player” reports. These reports are used for data analysis to improve our matchmaking system. League of Legends is a game for players of all skill levels—it doesn’t matter if you are 500 Elo or 2000 Elo. However, if our matchmaking system places players at the wrong skill level, “Unskilled Player” reports will help us identify problems and improve the matchmaking system in the future.

31. What's the point of having a language filter if I can get banned for 'adult' language?
We aren't out to punish players who use adult language; in fact, very few players are ever banned for saying stuff like "f***, I missed that skill shot" or "damn, f***ing close game!" However, the language filter is not an excuse to verbally abuse someone in the game. When you verbally abuse or harass someone by calling them "f***ing ******" or "n*gger noob", that's when you've crossed the line and will be punished by the Tribunal. I've said this before and I'll say it again, we aren't trying to clean online games of adult language; we're trying to reform or get rid of jerks who like to verbally abuse and harass other players.

32. Why is verbal abuse punishable if there is a mute button/language filter?
Players shouldn’t need to rely on features like the mute button or language filter to engage with other players in positive ways. When a player verbally abuses another player and forces him to use the mute button, they have already created a negative experience for that player.

33. Why can’t you give permanent banned players a second chance? You will receive a better player.
Actually, this is the unfortunate problem. Allowing permanently banned players another chance is an extremely damaging cost. Do you know what the success rate of the Level 20 Challenge was? 5%. Do you know that for each person, they clearly outlined the toxic behaviors and had 1 on 1 conversations with the players to try to improve their behavior? These are players that were hand-picked by Player Support staff because they felt the pleas from these players were genuine. The success rate was still 5%.

Do you know how many games on average these players played? 100 games / month. When a permanently banned player fails to reform, they are creating miserable experiences for hundreds, maybe thousands of players a month. That's not a cheap cost or a low risk and we cannot consciously justify that, for the sake of the rest of our players.

34. How do we decide how many players to judge a case until it’s decided.

I cannot reveal exactly how many players judge a case; however, this number changes often. For example, for cases that are more difficult, the system may ask for more judges to get a higher accuracy. For cases that have very obvious toxic behavior, we may need fewer judges to get the same high accuracy.

35. There are players who don’t cooperate at all, but they DON’T SAY ANYTHING IN THE GAME. How would people judge these cases?

The Tribunal is not the final solution for all player behavior problems; however, in many cases if players do not say anything at all but show bad behavior in the game, it’s still detectable in the Tribunal cases. For example, you might see their item builds are all wards, or their item builds have 5 boots and players know they should punish this behavior.

36. How can we prevent group emotional involvement in a game?
When I play League of Legends, I see situations like this all the time; however, I find that a few simple tips help a lot.
For example, if I see a player get frustrated or upset and start to blame other players, I will say, "Hey, let's just focus on the next fight. Don't worry about it." Or, I might say, "Hey, what happened already happened. Let's work together and try one last team fight."

Not all players will respond positively, but I find that quite a few players will stop blaming others if you say something like this. In fact, some of your teammates may jump in and say they agree with you!

37. Will the Tribunal change the “attitude” of players?

We know that there is a small percentage of players that will never change their attitudes, and will always be toxic in every single game they play. The Tribunal is designed to remove these players from the game and will continue to ban them aggressively until they stop playing League of Legends.

However, there is also a percentage of players that currently behave poorly, but with the Reform Cards from the Tribunal will learn what they need to change to avoid being punished by the Tribunal. In NA and EU, up to 50% of players that are punished actually change their behaviors because of the Reform Cards and are not punished again.

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14. Why doesn't Riot post a list of rules for what you can be banned for?
We believe in giving the community what it needs to define itself and that includes what is acceptable or unacceptable behavior. Any rules provided by Riot Games could unnecessarily influence the community.

If so, I think that it should be implemented that a person from EUNE can only judge cases from EUNE, same goes for NA and EUW respectively. This proposal matters only if that is not the case at the moment.

Why do I think this should be implemented? It can be easily explained on EUNE and EUW. These are simply not the same communities. Because of that, rules of communication are not the same.

I'm sure that people from EUW are generally hitting "Punish" button for some cases that people from EUNE would hit "Pardon", and NOT vice versa.

Here's a simple example...
If a player on EUNE says "Damn you, come here ffs". Tribunal user from EUW will probably punish this guy, but Tribunal user from EUNE will probably pardon.
That may not be the perfect example, but you get the point.

As you said, let the community decide what is acceptable or unacceptable behavior, and let it define itself.

Of course there is a line that can't be crossed no matter the culture, but that line is not in the same spot for every culture.

For a greater EUNE!

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I Wippi I



Why there is no intentionally feeding reason on tribunal ?? :O
(Or i just didnt see it since 2 weeks ? :O )

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User name is kazekame1.. One of my friends wanted my acc to play with aatrox.. I give him.. When I wanted to log in i cant.. He change pw and email.. Please give me back my acc.. I have lot of runes and champions.. PLEASEE

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ok.... so riot... are you stupid or something? i play vayne.. adc.. it's ok everything goes nice and then alistar.. my support.. thinks thathe need to go adc.. and take all my farm.. and theni said to him that i will go support and he will go adc... it's that right? he troll and you want me to rage? nooooo i am playing vayne support... and thn htey report me for trolling... why the **** you guys dont look at the games or something and stop banning or do your ****...

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Riot start ban palyers.it is impossible to do every game over 10 kills and lose because always in my team there is someone who does over 20 deaths or 3 vs 5 ranked game.

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Dear Riotgame

Please ban two troll player cuz my team win the match if elf1613 and akax123 did not troll.
I have photo the overview.

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****ing riot u are so stupidz and polish players and how can u be so stupid u g