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Lagging, but low ping

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As the title says, im having lag issues but my ping is at a steady 60-70. This has been happening for a while now (think about 2 weeks).
I'm a 100% sure this isnt fps lagg since my fps is always at 60 (I've been watching it).
When I move heroes around they just glide around, and if I order my hero to stop while running, it slides a bit then stops. Spells also have a delay on use.

I have checked my internet connection in other games but it's all fine there, absolutely no issues in mp Minecraft or in wow.
Aswell as all of that I've typed "ping [enter webadress here]" in cmd but the ping is all fine and dandy. 32-40 ms.

Does anyone have any idea what might causing this?

Edit 1: My ping is always at 60-70. Never goes up to 100+. I've been keeping an eye on it.