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I've been thinking about getting some new rune pages, but can't really think of any. The rune pages i now have is:

1.Support: Marks:Flat hp, Seals: Flat armor, Glyphs: Flat Cooldown reduction Quintz: gold per sec

2.Adc: Marks: Flat attack damage, Seals: Flat armor Glyph; cooldown reduction, Quintz: flat armor pen

3.Ap: Marks: flat Magic pen, Seals: flat ap, Glyph: flat magic resist, Quintz: flat ap

4.Ap top/ap jungle: Marks: flat Magic pen, Seals: flat armor, Glyph: flat ap, Quintz: 2 flat ap 1 flat armor

5.Jungle/top: Marks: Attack damage, Seals: flat armor, Glyph: Flat magic resist, Quintz: Movment speed

6.Tank: Marks: Flat hp, Seals: flat armor, Glyph: Magic resist, Quintz: 1 flat hp, 1 flat armor, 1 movementspeed.

And I would be greatfull if you left a suggestion if you have one..