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[Champion Idea]: Lucian, The gun templar

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I actually don't know what happened to Lucian, he maybe got cancelled or just placed on hold, but, i can imagine him as a champion, like a mix between Varus and Vayne.

Anyways i will post this like there wasn't no leak, just my suggestion.

This is how lucien will look like (unless you already have seen him):


Born in Demacia, he moved to Noxus at a young age, he never knew how talented he was
with guns, until the first day at the shooting range. Lucian decided that he wanted to be
a gunman at the age of 16, friends called him a miracle with guns, others called him a witch.

He had been gifted by the great voodoo lands well. He had killed many of "Graves: The outlaw's" members, and made a huge profit from it. After so much bounty hunting, he actually got rich. So he decided to move to Demacia, the land of the rich.

While in Demacia, many knew him, but since he wasn't white (Yopp, Demacians are racists), many people hated him.

One day, Lucian got ambushed by some men, with heavy armor and huge swords. He killed them all.

He knew that Jarvan IV was after him, and now Lucian is after the him...

"Every man for them self, and all are gone" -Lucian


Lucian doesn't use mana, instead he uses Reload Points. His basics and spells cost
reload points.

After being out of combat for 4 seconds, he starts regenerating reload points.
Lucian starts with 5 points, and gains 1 per lvl.

Passive: Bounty Hunter (0 Reload points)
Every time an enemy dies near Lucian, he gains 30% bonus gold
(50% for champions.) He also gains 1 permanent Reload point if he kills a champion.

Q: Double Shot (2 Reload points)
Lucian fires 2 shots at his target /AD, on impact, the bullets bounces off behind.
(Like an X)Any enemies behind will be dealt 60% damage.

W: Backflip (0 Reload points)
Lucian backflips in the opposite direction of the champion he just attacked, becoming invulnerable for the duration he is in the air. Enemies that are hit when he lands, are knocked up /AP /AD.

E: Devastating Shots (2 Reload points per attack)
Toggle: Lucian deals bonus damage, but at a cost of more reload points.
Passive: Lucians basics cause the target to bleed for a short duration /AP.

R: Massacre
For 5 seconds Lucian gets an adrenalin rush, giving him 30% bonus range, attack speed and AD.

Scoring a kill in the 5 seconds, refreshes the duration.

While the ult is active, his other spells also gain bonus effects.
Q: fires 4 shots instead of 2.
W: Jumps against his target instead.
E: Basics also slows the target.

I will update more. Hope ya like it

Comment iuw

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Junior Member


I loved the story (it was kinda funny xP) but I'm not interested in this kind of character.
If I was interested in a character with guns, I would love this!

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SLO Hypnosis



Problem is Q is same like MF's Q, his W similar to Quinn, try to change those a bit, like Q for example:
Lucian fires a bullet from his gun to a direction ( skillshot ) If it kills enemy champion, resets the cooldown of this ability

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his passive is a bit op, the amount of gold should probably be less but the permanent reload is good. The reload is new and sounds nice and exciting. The Q is actually similar to mf's like hypnosis said and from the looks of him, movement speed and a skillshot with a high range would suit him.Also, he's guns look different from one another, and to me that suggests swapping between attack types, so if riot is working on this, i expect a 4 lvl ultimate that swaps from gun to gun, changing from more range but less dmg to less range but more dmg, from AP to AD, defensive to offensive (proably not the last one) and ofc the abilities on each mode being really different. i hope this thread will achieve sth, but i mostly hope he's still being worked on if it wasn't a myth. Please Riot...

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OMG this is the next LoL Champ. And u stealed it???

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Lord Akatosh

Senior Member


Umm it's his suggestion about skills and who knows Riot can just look at it and might find an interesting skill and might take it

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LORE HAS NO SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Demacians are racists???? W T F ! ! ! ? ? ?
He knew that Jarvan IV was after him, and now Lucian is after the him... WAT?
others called him a witch. WHY ! ! ! ? ? ?

Sorry if you got this wrong, I don't want to be rude, I'm just confused.....

Btw, I think that Lucian will never come out cause we are being boring.......