Different runes/masteries on different ADC?

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Hello! My name is Eirixoto, I'm a bronze player atm (Can't get out of that sh!t, guess I just suck.). Anyways, I never play ADC, but sometimes, you just have to, and I want to learn.
So first, I know that farm is a must, positioning and those things. I know the basics, and I'm not too bad if my support is good/decent, but thats not the point here.

I was wondering how you would build an ADC runepage/mastery page?
Right now, I have one AD page and one mastery page:
- Armor Pen marks, armor zeals, MR glyphs and AD quints
- 21/9/0, taking all physical damage in offence and HP/armor in defence
This works pretty good, I mean, I get some defence and attack, which is good, I guess...

Now, would this work good on every adc? Right now, I only play Caitlyn, Ashe and Vayne tho, so I just need tips for those, really.
Would AD marks and lifesteal quints be good, or keep Armor Pen and get life steal, maybe? Other zeals and glyphs?Different masteries to get more life steal? Any difference in general?


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I believe AD marks/quints is by far the most common choice, however it's nice to have armor penetration marks and lifesteal quints as an alternative. You can also consider movement speed quints as they are useful for other roles too. Glyphs and seals are OK.

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Mresist per level blues
Armor yellows
AD reds (1 red for crit chance)
Arpen quints.

I have 5 runepages though, one with full ad reds, one with 3 penetration reds, one with 6 penetration reds, one with attackspeed yellows and one with mana regen yellows