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PlayOnLinux - The shop fix.

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Hello, I just found a way to fix the issue where shop screen (not the ingame one) would be completely black / not working on linux installations, under playonlinux and/or wine. The fix is really simple, you just have to install internet explorer as well.
Now a question for you. Does anyone know how to inform the people from playonlinux community so they can update their scripts, fixing the problem for everyone ? .

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Thanks for your post. I'd just like to confirm that this worked for me (tested purchasing runes too and it works) with the following versions:
Linux Mint 13
Playonlinux version 4.0.18
Wine version 1.7.1 (Playonlinux auto configures this)
League version 4.3.14_03_04_17_09 (latest as time of posting)

You can't just install Internet Explorer from Playonlinux though as Playonlinux installs apps on different virtual drives so League will not have access to it.
* From playonlinux, select League of Legends from your list of installed applications
* Click the "Configure" button
* Go to the "Install packages" tab
* Scroll down to "ie8" and press install
* Let it install (remember to select "Restart later" when the installer asks)

That should be it. Good luck!

Edit: Sorry for necroing this thread, I didn't notice how long ago it was initially posted. The issue was still present and this thread is quite high up on Google so it might be useful to others.