How to counter Diana?

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? When i play normal 5v5, i like to play Lux, or Brand. Diana is their counter, but who counter Diana?

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It is not hard to counter a champion no matter which one. You only have to realize that what really matters is your style of play. That is what really counters any given champion.

The biggest thing about diana is that right when she hits lvl 6, she starts to be aggresive because her burst combined with her sustain (shield) can easily outmatch many champions. Now what you have to do is dodge every single Q she sends and after that harras her. She is vulnerable to a ranged harras, because she is a melee champion and she has to get close to deal real damage.

Imagine playing Lux vs. Diana:
She sends Q, hits you, jumps on you and either brings you very low or even kill you.

She sends Q, you dodge, you will harras her with your E and AA and get back again because her Q is up again.

She sends Q, you dodge but she decides to jump anyway which actually gives you advantage because you can root her to one place, hit her with E and maybe even ulti, but in the end you came out better than she did.

I know that some champions are harder to play agains certain champions but I can assure you that only a good gameplay is a key to victory.

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Diana comes fully into her powers 'after' laning phase so if she didn't got owned in lane she will dominate anyway. The best solution i found is to ban her instead of mediocrities like Shen or Malphite. Ignore her and she deals hefty dmg and gets fed. Focus her and you get owned by her team. She is one of the dps tanks like her and Garen to whom there is no clear solution. Pwning the rest of her team so hard she could do nothing is the only way i can think of. 3 or even 5 man ganks early could work too.

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Diana is a bit similar to Akali, in the sense that she can easily snowball, but she MUST. In a normal 5v5 (not premade) you must follow her, since you can't trust your side lanes to not feed her. Since she hits a power spike at lvl6, you have to a) keep her down as much as you can till then (deny farm/harass etc) b) don't feed her. As for counters, Kassadin is a good one (silence ftw, and they are both weak pre 6, so you can survive kassadin's greatest weakness. LeBlanc is a decent counter as well, since she has a silence too, and a sick burst. Veigar can also work, when she hits with Q, you drop the stun cage on yourself, and she dashes into it.

paShadoWn, he asked about normals (thus no ban!). Still, I'd rather ban shen/malph.

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