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EU LCS Travels to France

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Director of Esports


The European League Championship Series (LCS) journeys to Lille, France for Week 6 on March 23rd and 24th starting at 11:00 CET / 3:00am PDT. In an action-packed weekend, all eight EU LCS teams will play twelve league matches.

In addition to the LCS matches, France will host a European Summer Promotion Qualifier, which will feed two teams into the LCS Summer Promotion Tournament. Sixteen teams including MYM and ALTERNATE competed in an online qualifier where the top four teams will be invited to Lille to fight for a chance to go pro in the LCS.

If you¢d like to experience the event live from France, be sure to pick up your tickets while they¢re still available. ESL has tickets ready for purchase in English and French.

For those who can¢t make it to the event, ESL will be broadcasting every moment of the action with expert analysis and commentary brought to you by Joe Miller, Jason Kaplan, and Jatt. Don¢t forget to bookmark lolesports.com, where you can find the broadcast on the day of the event and additional coverage on the LCS.

We¢ll see you in France, and if not, we¢ll catch you online at lolesports.com.

Broadcast Schedule

Saturday, March 23 starting at 11:00 CET

Challenger Semifinal 1 & 2 (Best of 3)
EU LCS (5 games)

Sunday, March 24 starting at 11:00 CET

Challenger Finals (Best of 3)
EU LCS (7 games)

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Senior Member


man im jealous :P

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You have to play in front of so many people? What if I feed? Or fail my flash? They're gonna take my head off...

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Hi Can i ask will EU LCS Travel to Bulgaria ?
Im verry interested Answer Please