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Ranked/Draft pick guide

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For everyone who just hit lvl 30/bought 16 champs this guide will help introduce you to Ranked/Draft Pick in LoL,The Banning/Drafting phase,The typical team comp,the current meta,the trading system,How to play tricks on your opponent and What you should do when you're in-game

Let's start with the most basic questions:

What is Draft Pick?
Draft pick is a type of pick in League of legends that's used in competitive playing,you need 16 champions to play in draft pick as if you're last pick and you have 15 champs and you're team and enemy bans 6 of them and they pick the other 9 you wont be able to pick anything since you cannot pick something your team picked or the enemy did,you can also see what the enemy is picking,it's essentially that both team captains are allowed three bans ,after you're done banning you get turns drafting in picks in a 1/2/2/2/2/1 format,after that you go in-game just like a normal game

What is the purpose of Draft pick?
The main purpose of Draft Pick is to reduce the randomness of "fiora vs jax" for example,and allow more counterplaying by picking the most champ you're comfortable with but also taking in mind the enemy team composition and the laner you have laning against you,as i said earlier you can see the enemy picks

What is a Ranked Game?
A ranked game is a draft mode game type available to level 30 summoners with at least 16 champions available because as i said earlier you need 16 champs to play in draft pick (excluding free week champions in Ranked games only not in normal draft),you cannot go with more than one person in solo/duo ranked games as it will ruin the main purpose which is displaying YOUR skill,so two people premade is the max limit,Summoners are placed on a game ladder called a "League" which i will explain later and they're also matchmade with and against each other according to a system called MMR which stands for matchmake rating which i will also explain later,also the dodge penalty is different than the dodge penalty for normal games,ranked games are considered the competitive alternative to normal games due to your place on the ladder being visible

What is the purpose of ranked games?
Ranked games has several purposes,the most notable one would be to increase the competitiveness and allow ranked 5v5 teams to go to the highest ladder(challenger) so they can move on to the championship of the next season season

What is a League and what is MMR?
A league is a ladder that consists of up to 250 players,with the exception of,each distributed among five divisions,I,II,III,IV,V,the current leagues are from the bottom to the top : Bronze,Silver,Gold,Platinum,Diamond,Challenger,you get placed in a league after 10 placement matches you play in the begining when you hit level 30 and start playing ranked games,though i really dont suggest playing ranked games as soon as you hit 30,instead practice some normal drafts that will help you alot,you can find all of the league names right here in a thread made by me : http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=5063631#post5063631 , MMR(Commonly referred to as elo rating) is the system that's used for matchmaking players together and also based on your MMR your allies and enemies are chosen to make the game as fair as possible and that both teams have an equal chance of winning

What about the dodge penalty?
Dodging is punished by 3 LP deduction and 6 mins ban of entering any Queue with the exception of custom games,Further dodges are punished by more LP penalties and more time

What is the purpose of Queue dodging penalty?
The main purpose is to reduce the time it takes for a player to go in-game,if Qdodges were free then people would Qdodge as soon as they see something out of the current meta or dodge whenever it's not favourable which would add alot of time for a player to go in-game

What is Elo hell/league hell/bronze hell etc?
they're all theories that say that you cannot carry if you have "noob teammates",imho everyone has them,they're either a set of matches,at most 5 in a row when you have a bad team,but if you're good you will however carry up again,or just where you belong and have trouble playing because you have not improved beyond the point of this point,so imho there's no such thing as "elo hell" because it happens everywhere to everyone that you get uncarriable games,when you get uncarriable games you just have to move on and not let it get into you

Since we got all of that covered,let's move on to more important stuff,such as stuff that happens pre-game:

What is the Banning/Draft Picking phase?
it is the phase which happens when a match is found where your team captain can ban 3 champs and the enemy team captain can ban 3 champions each which are mostly considered over powered,in arranged teams when teams are more familiar with each other champions that the other team is good playing with are banned instead of OP champions ,then you take turns picking with the blue team captain picking first then 2 of the purple team and then keeps drafting in a 1/2/2/2/2/1 format then you go in-game

How can I be the team captain?
the team captain is chosen according to your MMR,whoever has the highest goes first

What is the typical team composition?
It consists of a jungler who fills his role better if he's tanky later on(like hecarim) or has good early ganks (shaco),or great counter-jungling capability and clearing quickly(shyv here)essentially the jungler has to have something they're good at that works in the jungle very well and he has to help the team in their lanes
a toplaner who can be an assassin(akali/kha/panth) or a tank with lots of team utility(shen) or a lane dominater that stops enemy top from snowballing so hard(yorick)or an ap damage dealer incase you have an ad mid
a midlaner who can be a magic damage dealer(brand/ryze)a one burst combo-dealer(veigar)or be an ad assassin(again akali/kha/panth/talon)incase you have an ap top
a botlane which consists of an adc that can basically right click and win(vayne) and a support who would babysit the adc(taric/leona) early game and set up kills for him so he can do his job lategame and carry auras and increase team stats late game and lay cc all around(blitz/taric),note that early in the laning phase a support is almost always stronger than the adc but a supp late game is almost useless when compared to an adc but a support is as imp as adc because after all its' a teamgame,also in 5v5 ranked teams you can pick different comps with good synergy such as a poke comp or a switch-focus comp or early-mid game comp(such as bruiser bot if you heard of it) or splitpushing comp,you can use google to find out about other team compositions that are good and effective

What is the current meta?
the current meta is the teamcomp i said above along with the fact that you're suppose to farm early as much as possible and come back late game if you're losing lane or milk the cow and get kills if you're winning and that the supp babysits the adc and that the team has to have a good balance of auras and ad damage and ap damage and tanky champions and objective securers

What can i do in the Banning/Draft picking phase to help my team?
well you can start by asking nicely for the best role you have and if you're last pick try to communicate with your team to get a role you're good at,you should be prioritizing roles by now,i know that you're thinking "but joe what if i don't have a champ for role X or i cannot play the role good?" simply don't join ranked games,normal draft was made for you to practice other roles,take your time to learn the champs and what they do as it helps alot playing,play every champ when they're free,take your time to know which champ is better for you at which role,it's better than going in-game and finding out you cannot cope with it and getting owned and dropping down,also don't flame,it makes the team moral drop by a tonne ,ask nicely and you'll find out that ppl will be nice to you too

What is the trading system and counterpicking?
Counterpicking is essentially picking a champion YOUR COMFORTABLE WITH BUT at the same time BEAT THE ENEMY LANER,works like rock paper scissors but on a very larger scale , championselect.net would help you with counterpicking
the trading system is a system that allows you to trade with anyone else after the draft picking phase is over ,if you own that champ you'll find a circling arrow right besides the person who you want to trade with,the purpose of this system is to let you pick the champions that are considered over powered even if you dont play them but trade them to someone else for something you can play or if you're first pick and dont want to get countered trade with last pick and he'll get you the lane you want,trading system requires good communication so be sure to communicate before you lock in anything

How do i play tricks on my opponent before the game starts?
one of the best tricks i like is that you for example pick an ad assassin(kha for me xD) as firstpick so the enemy takes a counterpick for you at toplane and then your teammates counterpick him back,another thing is that you can go for example lux and nidalee /lux and morgana etc basically 2 midlaners who can supp so the enemy doesnt know who to counter and picks the wrong counterpick and after they pick you can decide who goes where,notice that this only works when you're duo with someone for good communication and synergy

With this behind,let's move on to what happens when you're in-game

Ok so what next,what do i do when i'm in-game?
first of all wait for everyone to connect,hear what your team is going to say ,maybe they want to invade(invade is To go into the enemy's territory, particularly their jungle,maybe in the beginning of the game especially if you have alot of level one cc),if so bring your main cc skill(blitz grab shen taunt ryze snare)so you can take the enemy out and steal their blue,be careful however cause if the enemy team sees you they may be careful and turn the situation into their favor and grab FB,the typical invading route is through midlane to the right bush so the enemy wont see you,be sure to wait to 1:30 or something till everyone is ready,or maybe your team wants to counter-invade if they're sure the enemy team's invading you go help blue/red,or maybe you'll just pull the buff and help your jungler,anyways after all of that you go to your lanes,depending on the champ and enemy champ and your own playstyle you can go passive if you dont want to risk it or aggressive which may pay but not that good of a choice,or if you want to just harras if your jungler is shaco for example to set up easy ganks,but be careful as ur doing so cause the enemy may punish you for that,also be sure to look at the map and see where can you gank or if the enemy jungler is ganking or if your jungler is coming to help or if you have tp and there's a 4v2 fight at bot and you and your jungler can save them,be sure to ward and try to not make as much mistakes as everyone is trying their best at ranked games so one mistake can lead to nearly losing the game,although you can almost always turn a game in LoL,in Ranked it's not that easy,after early game is over you can start grouping up and doing mid-game fights and taking obj. such as dragon or baron,be sure to let your adc take the kills so he can snowball,also try to help your team always as it's a teamgame and you alone cannot carry,once late game starts ,turrets are down,everyone's grouping up,you can start using whatever your comp can do,whether it's splitpush or ambush or w/e,be sure to put one thing in your mind,the purpose of the game is to push to the end and get the enemy nexus not getting kills,although kills help,it's almost always better to not risk it as one teamfight late game can decide all

How can i play tricks on my opponent in-game?
well it depends on your champion and playstyle and summoner spells and knowledge of the enemy champion,you can bait them into a jungler gank when they're extending or a turret dive when your low but have many cc/heals,always remember to be creative and remember the things you practiced in normal draft,this is merely an idea of what a ranked game should look like,however it can also change directions alot as no one can predict how every single game would look like

Phew,that was alot of writing,anyways good luck summoner on your ranked games and hope you get to challenger tier level 30 experienced players may correct me for anything they want to,as i am not a pro player but i do have an experience of ranked games,GL to summoners hoping to start playing ranked games HF,if there is anything you would like to ask about you can leave a question here and i will answer


Edit:i really dont get it,why are people downvoting this,is it just some kind of trollvotes?why dont u post ur opinion then,not a single person of you has taken time to do a guide for ranked games and when someone finally does you downvote him without saying a single word,this is strange and is simply beyond me


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good work!

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Decently written and newbie-friendly.
My suggestions are:
- shorten your sentences or split them into parts, most of them are unnecessary long;
- add a few spaces in your longer paragraphs, so they don't look like little bricks of text;
- add a warding section to the support role;
- use capital letters and full stops (at start/end of paragraph and champion names, to name some)