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I will NEVER play ranked on Eu East & Nordic again.

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I will borrow this thread a bit myself... I experience the same thing as the threadstarter has been encountering.
I usually never say where i'd like to go, because i'm comfortable with whatever lanes i get, but i must say when the first one picks mid-lane i feel a bit annoyed because he will get countered and thus do a bad midlane. With a bad midlane the jungler keeps getting busy helping mid and the top and bottom lane will suffer from that.
By not saying what i preferr to play i end up playing support in 80% of all games i play, wich is ok, but very frustrating when i get adc's who doesent know when to back up or go forth as i poke enemy adc's and try to shield my own adc from harm. It is not possible to carry a game as an support if the adc is'nt good and gives you those support kills to get money. You will fall behind so bad that you cant get back up again.
Also afk'ers and trollers are way too common. I mean, i love this game, but now i'm just frustrated and a bit angry because people wont listen. They only flame/harass each other and if the dont get what they want they just do what the hell they wish the entire game.
I'm in Bronze 4th so i know that is the low of the low, but seriously, i actually thought ranked games would be better than normal games either way! But hell no... it is way worse. And if i'm that lucky to get a functional team, i'm just holding my breath for the next match, because i know i will be dragged down again...
I'm not "pro" or something like that in this game, but i consider myself a strong teamplayer and a good guy to have on a functional team... I try to make people stop flaming, and i try to be polite and not discuss much in chat, but i just have reached a state in my mind now that i get really suprised when my team wins a game.
I want to get out of this hell hole and have fun playing again. I dotn have time to NOT have fun playing, i have a job and kids to look after so when i do get time to play i want to have fun and relax... But this is'nt fun anymore.

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What you are suffering from as i have been informed is referred to as "Elo Hell" , Elo hell is the region that almost all players are bad on your side and on the enemy team , ranges from bronze rank to gold , the only way you can escape this elo hell is to rank up (from gold things start to get better) , as you have stated not many people understand that this is a team game so you will have to put up with it a little longer , I disagree with you on quitting ranked because that won't change anything (unless Riot starts considering more serios punishments for spamming,feeding etc..) ,Try bringing a partner with you in solo duo and try not to rage on your teammates , this is still a game that kids play you can't do anything about that ,So good luck on your ranking ,you have a long elo ladder to climb (i guessed you're bronze or silver from your teammate matchups).
PS:i am ranked silver 5 and speaking from conversations with gold and plat players .

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The fact that kids play this game is not an excuse to see people that keep cursing and saying you are a stupid f@#$ and so many other curses AND getting away with it! Since they are kids and they SEE that they get away with it (thus the attitude I do not care), they will keep doing it in life in many other circumstances, not just in video games. I talked to many and I told them that I will report them and they said that they were reported dozens of times and nothing happened. They get away with it so we TEACH them that they CAN get away with it! Ain't that nice?

To get back to the topic at hand, Bronze is GAMBLING. You GAMBLE if trollers will be on your team or on the opposition's team. That automatically means that you do not learn too much about the game. I started a few months ago and I practiced a lot. I quickly got ranked silver and did pretty well. Had great matches, lost great matches, was over 50% win rate, growing. Then, new season. Bronze. You cannot learn anything from these games. They are not fun and totally not enjoyable. The first time I played a Gold 1 as a Silver IV I was totally crushed. The difference was huge. There are many people stuck in Bronze that have incredible mechanics. THey now need to play HUNDREDS of games in order to get to GOLD, maybe even more than that. This is not fair and I totally understand the fact that these summoners here do not want to play ranked anymore. You want to play the game to have fun, learn more, improve, meet new people and so on. You do not play the game in order to be told that your mother is a **** and she should die of cancer for giving birth to you because your Morgana's tormented soil procced and you killed a champion instead of the ADC.

I will keep playing ranked just so I can get to silver 1 and above so that I do not see this rubbish anymore. Will most likely look for someone that is Diamond or more to help me get up in the rankings. Once I get to over silver, I am 100% sure that I will stay there and then go to gold because that was the clear level I was at. I sparred with people that were gold, with thousands of games and I did really well against them. Wasn't RIOT "TRYING" to get rid of those that were boosted through this soft reset? They are just making people NEED to do it. Both of the players above are most likely players that should play in silver, not in this excuse of a gaming experience called bronze ranked on EUNE.