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Zyra is a plant so it has bugs

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The Boss

Junior Member


I have encountered some bugs with zyra but I will only post one because others could be just my mistakes. This is 100% a bug.

One day I got rich and bought a zyra skin, which I used a lot in beta - WildFire Zyra.
The same day I started using it, I saw that the plants are not working right anymore. I havenĀ“t tested with no-skin zyra yet because I was not really sure if they were acting like that before also or not.

Well... Now that I was told that zyra skin is bugged, I am 100% sure.

The plants are not shooting all the time. Sometimes a plant sits next to an enemy minion/champ and never does anything.

Please fix this so I can continue scaring enemies with my awesome skin.

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Karmen Cartman

Junior Member


It's true, my friend told me that plants are shooting 2-3 times and sometimes they don't even shoot