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What to Watch: IEM Cologne

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Director of Esports


The Electronic Sports League (ESL) closes out the year in dramatic-fashion with the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) in Cologne, Germany from December 14 through December 16. Eight teams from Korea and Europe will compete for $50,000 in prizes and points to qualify for the upcoming IEM season finals at CeBIT 2013.

Live from the ESL TV Studios, FnaticRaidCall, SK Telecom T1, Millenium, mouseports, Meet Your Makers, CJ Entus, Counter Logic Gaming EU, and Team Alternate will meet on the Fields of Justice to battle in group stages to advance into the single elimination bracket. The winner of the tournament will automatically qualify for IEM¢s season finals in addition to their share of the prize pool.

Deman, Joe Miller, and ButButButILY will provide expert commentary and analyses for every skirmish and bloodshed in all matches throughout the competition. Don¢t miss any of the action at IEM¢s final tournament of 2012.

Check out the tournament broadcast times below, and don¢t forget to mark your calendars. For more information about IEM Cologne, visit ESL¢s website.

Daily Start Times

Friday – December 14

  • 8:00AM Pacific (17:00 CET)

Saturday – December 15
  • 8:00AM Pacific (17:00 CET)

Sunday – December 16
  • 5:00AM Pacific (14:00 CET)

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i can hardly wait!!! is MYM the real MYM!! Maelk,Artsyle and the famous Mania!! the best players and team ever in PvP 5vs5 games!! :X i heard they used at some previous regional tournaments similar tactic as the old school dota mym, " to pull minions between enemy turrets and draw them to jungle minions" i hope they live up the reputation of the famous Meet Your Makers!!! go MYM!! ftw!!