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Fix Fiora ultimate with Raveonus Hydra

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Hi there, Well after festing new Tiamat and Ravenous Hydra for Fiora this is way too out of balance. Yep is is easy to do tripl and quadra with one button in teamfight from the start if you have Tiamat of Ravenous Hydra. AP and AD carry will fall from 2 - 3 hit of ultimate because of the splash dammage. In the end game Her ultimate having bout 350+DMG with penetration just gives oout penta leaving Tank with 4k hp about 1k...

Well it was alvays that Fiora is OP champ but right now tis is just way too unbalanced. Or fix her ulty... If she is hit by Stuns right before it or was taunted so that it will break it...