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Need help from you guys and Riot

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Greetings summoners,

I'm writting this post because in this moment I could kill someone.. I just finished playing my solo Q ranked game and here is how it ended.

http://i.imgur.com/FvREI.jpg (http://i.imgur.com/FvREI.jpg)

I know 90% of reports tribunal just lets go but COME ON!!!
Master Yi troll pick in jungle got executed 2 times by minions, 0 ganks and ittentional feeding in late game.. I mean wtf? why do I have to lose my elo cuz of this tards?
Next - graves.. what to say? 1 / 10 ADC with rabbadon..
Leona - dive turret lvl 3.. but nooooo.. she is pro! thats what you do on ranked.. we are all noobs! fu! goes afk several times..

I know I didn't play the game of life, but how could I ? Xin Zhao was godlike in 11min.. 11 MIN!!!!!

now.. you are all like "we all expirenced that sh*t!". I know.. and that is sad for such a big gaming community.. what can we do? maybe you can try something new.. like this: Before you are able to play ranked games you need to have atleast 100 played games on normal draft..

Thats all from me.. sry for my english (I know it's bad but i hope you can understand it).