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How to Submit Bug Reports and Feedback

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QA Analyst


Hey Summoners!

Check out the latest information about Bug Submission here!: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/f/A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF/d/CF5EEDC8FF5AC1A896F517E2C7AE4650C472807F

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QA Analyst


How to Submit a Bug Report

When you discover a bug on the PBE, please take a quick look on the forums to see if it has already been reported. If so, post the details you have in that thread so that we can consolidate feedback.

If you do not see a post describing the bug you discovered, please post a new thread with the following information to help us track down the issue:

[Location] [Severity] [Title]

Please also include steps to reproduce the bug if you have them, and if not, details on what you were doing prior to experiencing the bug. You can also upload a replay of the game where you came across the issue. Additionally, including how often you experience the bug (10/10 times or just once, etc) is very helpful.


[Platform] – Any issue you’ve discovered related to logging in, activity while logged in, or anything else done while outside of the game
[Game] – Any issue you’ve discovered while playing a game of League of Legends


[Critical] – This causes significant negative impact on player experience and should be fixed as soon a possible as it greatly inhibits game play
[Major] – This bug contributes to a negative player experience but does not prevent the game from being played
[Minor] – Any bug you find that does not have an impact on gameplay but still is not intended.


A brief summary of the issue you’ve discovered.


Title: [Platform][Minor] Upon login, the players show up as level 0 in my friends list.

Priority: Minor

Description: Whenever a user appears to log into the air client, they show up with a yellow busy circle and they look like they are level 0. This appears to happen to all players on my friends list and it seems to go away after a game, but I am not sure.

Repro steps:
1. I see someone on my friends list log into the game.
2. I notice their status on my friends list.
3. I expected to see their normal stats, but I saw them as level 0 instead.
4. This occurs 100% of the time I see someone log in.

Feel free to also post replays, pictures or videos depicting the bug/how to reproduce it and your logs. You can find your replays in your Documents\League of Legends\Replays folder.Details on how to post logs can be found here: https://support.leagueoflegends.com/entries/20076987-league-of-legends-logs

How to Submit Feedback

Similar to submitting a bug report, if you would like to provide feedback on the newest champion or feature released on the PBE, please do a quick scan of the forums to see if the subject has already been created. If so, feel free to post your feedback in that thread and talk with your fellow PBE’ers about the new content!
If you cannot find a thread discussing what you would like to provide feedback on, feel free to post a thread about it!