League of Legends launcher resolution problem

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When i start LoL and the laucher comes up and i press "Play" the normal Log-in window comes up but the window is too big for my screen resolution wich is 1366x768, and the problem is that the bottom border of the lol window is at the same height as my toolbar so i have to re-size the window and thats not a problem but the problem is that when i close lol (completely) and start it up again it is the same resolution as it was before i re-sized it, it is only an annoyance but it would be sooo nice if anyone had a fix for this.

To sum up my problem.
-The LoL launcher window is too big for my resolution and when i re-size it, it changes back to "too big" when i start it another time. And it is not a problem in-game because then i go fullscreen but if i choose to go windowed it would be the same problem.

-The problem is not gamebreaking or anything, just a minor annoyance.