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how to play akali?

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i bought akali a long time ago and im terrible akali even if im good diana (both are assasins with dash)
and i want to start play akali again.. any tips and build ideas?

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Ok, basically Akali is an AP Asassin, has the best mobility in game and must not fight first in teamfights. Her core item builds for me is HGB, Rylai's and Lich Bane. You MUST level your Q first, followed by E. Your combo should be Q>R>AA>E>Q>AA. Use your for maximum effectiveness where there are multiple paths or where there are lots of corners.

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Akali is an amazing, and one of the most fun champions in the game She is my main, played hundreds of games with her, and I found out 2 viable build orders.
But first of all, about the conception: before level 6 you are one of the weakest champion in the game (similar to katarina), with only a low range and relatively low damage harrass (at least if you dont proc you Q, which the opponents will never allow). So what does it mean? You primary goal before you unlock your dash is to farm like hell, try to get 1200 gold until lvl 6, and avoid getting harrassed. If you know you wont be ganked (because lane is not pushed), just throw down your W, and farm comfortably under it.
When you have 1200 gold, you go back to base, and get hextech revolver. This is when akali starts to shine and this is BY FAR the most important period of the game. If the opponent plays very safe, your only way to harrass is to R into his face, an Q-E proc, then immediately shroud and try to get away. Always time it after he used one of his CC or damaging skill on the minions. Your spellvamp will make trades like these always worth
Your most damaging combo is to throw Q, then wait a little, while its cooldowns reset, then R into his face, proc Q with basic attack, then immediately throw another Q, basic attack, and E. This is HUGE burst, on an average opponent 60-70% of the HP. Calculate it with your R-Q-W-escape harrass, when you can kill your opponent: save up 3 dashes, ignite, and you will get the first kill. But spellvamp is a MUST to make crazy stuffs like this worth.

About teamfight: you are never ever the one who initiates. Keep moving on the side behind the opponent team, and when the fight starts, you wait a bit, until all CC, and spells are burnt, then dash to the carries and assasinate them (lategame they will literally blow up from 1 hit). You will always be the #1 priority target, and enemy team will have oracle, but if you can kill their AD carry and do severe damage to another carry its totally worth dieing.

So the 2 conceptions of building akali:

your opponent is an AP carry with very large burst (like brand, ryze, leblanc). This means you dont survive trades with pure sustain: you will just get 1shot on low hp. This is why you dont build hextech gunblade immediately. After hextech revolver you build a giants belt instead, into a rylea, which not only gives nice additional damage and hp, but makes procing your Q easy with its slow. Then you can build deathcap for huge additional damage, a lich bane, guardian angel, and void staff. (you wont get to GA, game is usually over when akali gets lich bane)

your opponent will have a bit lower burst dmg, but very good sustain AND sustained damage. You counter this by building huge sustain through your hextech gunblade. As second item you build rylea for the additional hp and slow, then countiue with usual deathcap and lich bane.

I hope it could help a bit

ps.: for the love of god please stop building trinity on akali guys, it always makes me such a sad panda The natural armor of champions is much higher than the magic resist, meaning when you proc your auto attack it will deal far (by lightyears) less damage than it would with lich bane and additional AP. Also its auto attack increase, critical chance, and mana components are totally wasted (and they are not cheap). Akali players with trinity have a good start (when armors are low), but they damage falls off drastically, making trinity just a huge money waste.