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Failed to connect to server

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After champion select exactly before the game should load up, i get an error message saying: Failed to connect to server...... It says it can be a firewall problem but it is turned off. I played with this exact configuration of my PC many games. Suddenly i get this problem :| I searched the forums and i found a topic on the West Server. Starting about 10-15 hours ago a lot of people from Germany with Vodafone as their ISP are experiencing this. There are 25 pages of posts on the West Forum in these last hours. I also have Vodafone as my ISP but i am from Romania... I am experiencing the exact problem. I tried to reinstall the game, to repair, etc... It worked a game or 2... but the problem keeps coming back. I also got a couple of leaver flags. Please do something about this and clear my leaver flags...

Thank You!