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Dozens cannot update their client. Please confirm that this matter is known to Riot.

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I ask that a Riot employee should recognize it as an already noticed problem, for every other thread that has been created, reagrding the matter, has been treated as an invidual problem, or ignored.

This is not a problem that only I encounter, but an issue that matters (at least) to dozens of players, so here I ask:

-Please show us that you are aware of that.

I'm sure we will all be waiting patiently for a solution to be found, but I myself, at least, need to know that someboy there knows about that, and somebody there is working to solve it, because at the current state, I'm afraid I got the notion that nobody knows about it, or nobody cares.



During (Or after finishing, but this is only my own oassumption) the upade, some players find that their client states that there is more content (Over 1.6GB) to be downloaded.

The download speed is suddenly reduced down to almost 0 KBps. (As can be seen in the following picture):


Things I have trying doing, in order to solve it:

-Running the game as an administrator.
-Making sure the game is not blocked by an Anti-Virus / Firewall program. (I do not even have ones installed, and window's firewall is tuned off always).
-Rebooting both my Moden and Router.
-Letting the game try to upadte at its pace, for 16 hours. (It appears that the games 'updates' files in an alphabetical order. I let it update until the letter S and gave up).
-Uninstalled the game, used CCleaner and reinstalled in a different location. (Launcher easily downloaded the game at 900+ KBps, then updated the game, and then then I had to downloda the '1.6GB Patch'.


I am not the only one who experience this.

A thread, designated for this issue has been created here:
(Not a single Red posted there).

In EU-West's forums:

A Red posted there, and tried to give general thumb-rules, probably speculating that the core of the problem was at the OP's computer / net, and not something that has to do with Riot.


I repeat my request:

Many other players experience this issue. It appears that it is not somthing that simply has to do with one, having his Anti-Virus program blocking the game, or connection defects.

Please show us that someone is working on it, and guide us with a solution, once on is found.
So long as I know this matter is not ignored, I will be remaining patient.

Thanks in advance.