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reconnect screen stuck

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the following problem has accord to me and several of my friends in the friend list, though it might be a mere coincednce i'd like riot to check it anyways.

i lost connection to the game server in the middle of a ranked champion select, since the game got stuck even when my internet connection came back i decided to close my client and reopen it, as i did so i got the "reconnect screen" and pressed reconnect(though i was surprised the game started since i wasnt connected).
at this point the game started loading me into the game server, when i reached 100% the game got stuck for around 5-10 sec and then crashed with no error.

correctly im stuck at the reconnect screen, unable to do anything but use the chat service and i'd like to get this fixed as soon as possible since im losing game time (and would love to get my lost elo back since it was a game bug that caused my team to lose)