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Summoner Showcase #73 - Charmingly Cute and Cuddly Creations

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Try to resist being charmed by the fan creations in this week’s Summoner Showcase! From a tree made of clay to a cuddly creep and much more, your fellow summoners have brought us amazing entries!

Scroll down and take a closer look at this week’s entries.

Ahri Art

CoursedOne’s portrait shows us just how charming Ahri can be.

Look Behind You!

Teemo is in for a surprise at the sinister hands of Shaco, but so are you thanks to the wonderfully talented hands of Piggyleaks.

Dress the Teemo

If our selection of Teemo skins doesn’t satiate your hunger for cuteness, this flash application made by Zeldrak will do the trick!

Katarina Cosplay

Katarina might be the Sinister Blade, but ChiseChan manages to convince us that there’s a kinder, less stab-ey side to the misunderstood champion.

Voidwalker Plush

Even Malzahar would get all bug-eyed if he ever summoned this cute and cuddly creation by PurpleNori.

Maokai Sculpture

The Twisted Treant makes his clay debut in this beautiful and intricate sculpture by Thoribas.

And that ends this week’s submissions, but we’re always looking for more! Send your fan creations and Summoner name toSummoner_Showcase@RiotGames.com !

We’ll see you next week!

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Swapped links for Maokai and Voidwalker. Also, there is "look behind you" title twice on the main page, even for Ahri.

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I looked for this teemo app (by Zeldrak), but cannot find it.
If anyone coud help me out, would be amazing.
I want this for a friend of mine who is obsessed with teemo and owns all of his skins!