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League Of Legends launcher wont start.. It works for me now!

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I've had a problem with my launcher, it wont start.. Once I press league of legends icon everything seems clear, until I press PLAY, then nothing hapends.. I try to start it again, it says "A client is already running, would you like to terminate it?"(Or sth like that) and I press Ok. This is how it goes in circles..nothing hapends.
I tried almost everything, repair LOL and etc.
The day it hapened my windows told me I had problems with, skype, adobe flash player, and some other stuffs.. I red on internet Adobe could cause these problems, and I had to reinstall Adobe Air again.. I downloaded it but nothing hapened.

MY SOLUTION: I was gonna delete everything with LOL, to install it all over again from scratch.. When my comp was uninstalling it, it said it couldnt find a file named "Adobe" something.. Then I knew that was my problem, I didnt have that file in there.. So I deleted all LOL by hand, and installed it all over again, (The total installation, the one which takes more space on ur disc.)
It now works all fine!

Hope it helped a little, if this did not solve ur problems keep searching for the problem.. I did for days and I solved it!

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I think you mean Adobe Air.