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xerath or brand

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@SonicAFSear isn't any more dodgeable than Morganas stun.
People saying that Brand doesnt require good positioning are bull****ting.
@Dakiman4athene i start mekis + 2 pots and you win ****

1. Brand requires skill. To go at melee range and survive. Or to position himself at that bush which is much more difficult and less rewarding than positioning Xerath at the same point.
2. First of all Morgana has NO dodgeable stun. The only stun she has is her ultimate.
The second - <Sear> is easier to dodge than <Dark Binding>. When Morgana casts I do not know if it's <Tormented Soil>, <Darkbinding> or even <Black Shield> before actual animation of spell is released. In addition to it her casting animation is shorter than Brand's. In addition to it Brand always warns you with <Conflagration> before casting <Sear>.

Brand is one of the worst champions to build AD Items but his AP version is much worse. Sad but true.