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Cannot Download or Install Game Guide

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Hello.. after recent problem with me and client downloading and installing.. after 2 days i fix the issues with that one..
1st thing: can download installer.. but after u run it says no internet detected.
this is happening becouse pando media booster is blocked ur country or your country blocked pando media booster. There is no problem with ur internet or ports opened, its problem with pando. So what i did was.. put aol proxy from germany or usa and downloaded the game.. beware this can be slow.. so after u get opened windows of downloading game you can disconnect the proxy and the game will continue downloading. its best to use AOL program for this.
2nd thing: u downloaded and installed the game but cant run coz http cant connect.
What i did here.. 1st time i installed in D:/ path in my computer and i get that error every time.. i try my ports are they opened firewall everything was fine and always was getting http cant connect... then i installed in C:/ path and the game start working.... if u have recent update flash be sure u update and air also to not get this error again.
if i help someone with this guide.. im glad.