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Latency Test

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Hi , sorry to post here but i dint find a suggestion forum or thread anywhere , so i decided to post it here .
Why dont u make a Latency tester for players who arent in the gameplay , me for example take my internet from a network with 5 more users , soemtimes i get in game and get surprised of the lag cuz i dint know that 1 of the users of my network was downloading or using internet with high bandwith , so what i am saying here if i knew that my latency was high i wouldnt of played cuz i will only be a liability for my team , if there is a latency tester off-game i would use it every1 time be4 i get in the game , not many players got my situation but there is at least 15% got it , and it wont be a bad or expensive idea anyway
Thanks Riot team