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Teemo Poradnik

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Witam mam du¿y k³opot z itemami nie wiem jak je odpowiednio kupowaæ i ustawiaæ. Bardziej by mi odpowiada³o poradnik podstawiony do AD poniewa¿ Teemo ma s³ab± magie chodz mogê siê myliæ bardzo proszê o jakie¶ dobre rady. Mam jeszcze jedn± sprawê jak mo¿na kupowaæ na raty bo widzia³em jak mój kolega mia³ tak jakby mniej do zap³acenia w z³ocie z jaki¶ item jak to mo¿liwe z góry dziêkuje.

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These are English forums...

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this is wrong forum dude, u should go on polish forum with this thread, but ill help u anyway ;p

there are 3 ways u can build teemo, and each way has diffrent playstyle

1. AP
ap build is most supporting build IMO, ur main source of dmg is Q and shrooms
use Q to blind enemy and deal high dmg, then autoshot 2 or 3 times and run away untill ur Q is refreshed
build: rod of ages, rabadon, sorcerers shoes, crystal scepter
max Q first

2. AD
u play with this build as a standard AD range, using Q and R as a supporting skills only.
items- would suggest zeal, infinity, phantom dancer, madred, and frozen mallet
max W and E first

3. AS/hybrid
my favourite build ;p
in this build E poison and autoattack is my main source of dmg, shrooms are also quite strong
ofc i max E first
I build berserker boots,Sword of the Divine, Wit's End, Malady (this gives a 175% of AS, 62 bonus dmg every hit + 100dmg every 4 hits + additional poison dmg every hit), as a 5th and 6th item take rabadon and Hextech to improve ur dmg or rabadon + some armor/mr for more survi

also remember that teemo doesnt need many tanky items as he have quite long autoattack range, slowing shrooms and free ghost (W) so its hard to kill him if he is carefull

try to put shrooms as a escape way and always remember to run away through this 'shroom path' in order to deal max dmg to chasing enemies
also put some shroom at baron and dragon posisition, its like free ward afterall so it helps to keep map control a lot