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How to counterpick!

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Here's some counterpicking options:
Ahri: Anyone with a silence.
Akali: Pick for example lee sin that has Q and E spell that shows invis and can shield a minion if he wants to change the location on akali when she uses ultimate.
Alistar(tank): Trundle, he can drain 25% of his mr and armor. (Alistar usually gets high mr and armor because his ulti gives him decreased % damage taken.
Alistar(Support): Not easy to counter him. Maybe vayne with the roll to be able to control where to be headbutted and soraka with silence.
Amumu: A strong early game 1v1 jungler like trynd,olaf,riven,yi can really **** his jungle up.
Anivia: Kassasins harassing skills against anivia that is very squishy, blinks away from her ulti, stun and wall and being able to silence a mage helps out a lot.
Annie: Sivir or nocturn with spellshield that can spellshield her stun.
Ashe: Tristanas jump is a counter to ashe's slows and her ignite effect makes it harder her ashe to farm since her support won't heal as much.
Blitzcrank: Sivir or Nocturne (same reason as annie).
Brand: Anyone with a silence.
Caitlyn: Sona with the good game heal and can stun when she uses. Caitlyns insane early game damage can only be countered by sonas power cord damage reduction and urgots passive. (Malphites too but you usually don't put him in bot).
Cassiopeia: Anyone with a silence.
Cho'gath(tank): A champion with a % hp offensive spell like kog'maw, mundo, garen.
Cho'gath(ap): Morgana with spellshield and disables.
Corki: tristana or caitlyn that are good at holding range, corki needs to be close so his machinegun hits.
Dr.Mundo: Dr. Mundo is very hard to counter. You need a champion with low health, good dodging and an ignite effect. Options are Miss Fortune and kata.
Evelynn(jungle): A pain in the ass to face that strikes when you're not prepared. The only counter I can think of is Malphite with his passive shield.
Ezreal(bot): Sivir with the spellshield and janna with shield and high movement speed.
Ezreal (hybrid mid): Pantheon with his passive.
Fiddlesticks (jungle): Not much you can do exept to disable him when he uses ulti just before he casts E spell and ward.
Fiddlesticks(mid): A ignite effect is always helpful, but as I said before, you need a disable and a blink spell always helps.
Fizz: He can make himself untargetable so the champion cannot depend on one spell. Good counters are champions with toggle abilities. Options are Anivia, Swain, Amumu etc.
Galio: Gangplank or Olaf with cc removal and high ad dmg.
Gangplank (top): Pantheon can block his parrley.
Gangplank (jungle): Pantheon here too for the block, and if he comes behind you you can stun him and get outside his ulti.
Garen: Same as cho'gath.
Gragas: Morgana, same as ap cho'gath.
Graves: Same as Corki.
Heimerdinger: Same as gragas.
Irelia: Irelia usually builds very tanky so same as Alistar.
Janna (support): Tristana, she's got an ignite effect and if janna pusher her back she can jump back in.
Janna (ap): Someone with an ignite effect, the best counter is tristana.

Coming more soon!
Thanks for reading and be happy to subscribe!

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Still waiting for an update

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Try http://www.counterpicker.com

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Try http://www.counterpicker.com

http://www.lolcounter.com and http://www.championselect.net are also excellent for this I bet there are more sites like this out there