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Scarlet Ace

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I'm sure its been asked before but I read that there were some changes to the IP winning system.

I'm thinking about purchasing an IP boost for maybe 1 day or 3days and I would like to know which is the best way to utilize the boost to its maximum effectiveness.

I read on TSM forums that regi said it is best to farm Ip from playing vs AI over and over again b/c its easy. The only problem with this is that you only win around 20 IP or something extremely low for that.

General IP win and Time used:

vs AI 20-50 IP 20-40min (30ish average) 99% win rate
Blind Pick 60-90 IP 20-50min (45min average) 70% win rate
Draft Pick ------------ ----------------------------------- ------------------
Ranked 80-100IP 20-60min (50min average) 80% win rate

Yes ranked is higher for me atm for some reason...maybe a few less trolls? or I'm just lucky. I usually play Jungler, AP carry, or AD carry b/c I read that in order to get out of ELO hell you should play positions that have a high effect on the outcome of games.


I'm planning on buying IP boost for 1 or 3 days. Need a way to exploit it to the maximum.

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Your normal win ration is 51% and not 70%, 52% at ranked and like 80% at co-up.
So if you play your 180 min of coup everyday and then blind pick/ranked after that, it would prob be the easiest way to get 100% out of your boost.

If you want most out of your boost then gather 2 good friends decide to play 3 v 3 pick semi tanks with high damage and go tryhard mode and win like 95-100% of the games, and get 60+140 every 15 min.
15 min because that the time when they will surrender.