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Can't play because game hangs at loading screen

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Like the title says, recently, most of the times the game stops responding when the loading screen appears usually around 55% or 97% ... When this happens, opening or switching other windows is jerky and it's like other programs don't receive control over the cpu for enough time.

I usually manage to open the task manager (with a lot of patience) and I can kill the processes for the pvp.net, patcher, rads_kernel easily but I can't kill the process for the game fast; I have to wait a lot (~ 3 - 4 min) and in the mean time spam the 'End Process' button or restart the computer.

This never happened to me till now and before this I didn't do any os updates, change any hardware or things like these also I have enough resources left for the game even when it hangs.

What can I do, what info should I provide to solve this issue?

Thank you