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Reactivate Your Inactive League of Legends Accounts!

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This is massage i got from you riots:

You're currently in possession of at least one summoner name on NA that is registered to an account that is under level 4 and has not been logged into for more than 60 days.

While we're delighted that you took the time to register, we'd like to keep as many summoner names as possible available for our active player base.

Below is a list of the inactive summoner names associated with your email address.

If you would like to keep these summoner names, you must log in with each of them between now and Sunday, the 27th of November at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Should you fail to log in before this time, we will be releasing these summoner names for use by other players.

If your summoner name is released, you will be prompted to register a new summoner name the next time that you log in to PvP.net. Your account will remain active and will not be affected by the process in any other way.

We hope to see you in game soon, summoner!"

wtf ???
I play every day why i get this i dont want new name ;(
Please fix it riots