Launcher bug

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Hello. I had a problem, and i found a fix and i want to share it with the community because i think that a lot of people cant find a fix to this particular problem. I personaly searched for a solution for 2 and a half hours. I don't know if i am posting this in the right place and if not i humbly ask the moderators to move this thread to wherever it needs to be moved. Also, sorry about the grammar mistakes.

I start the launcher. I press start. It does not start.

Ways i tried to fix which did not work:
Used the repair function in the launcher. Updated things like drivers and stuff. Did a clean reinstalation. Rebooted my pc. Annoyingly enough none of these options worked.

Way i fixed the problem:
I went to where my game was installed. Riot games>League of legends>RADS>projects and deleted the lol_launcher file. I starded my launcher and it redownloaded the folder. I started the game and now it works fine.

Hope i help some people because i got f****** tired searching for the solution. ^^

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