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Galio - Support Tank Build

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Junior Member


I really love this champion and I want to share my build for Galio as a support-tank. And i want to see your opinions, comments, critics.

Here's it:
Summoner Spells: Clarity & Flash
Masteries: 0/21/9

Explanation: You need Clarity, because he runs out of mana really fast. As you are a tank you need 21 points in Defense, and you're a bit supporty so you need that 1 point in Insight which grants your allies the same amount of mana you get from Clarity. (You need 8 points to unlock Insight, so 8+1=9points in Utility tree.)

Skill Order: Idol Of Durand(R) > Resolute Smite(Q) > Bulwark (W) > Righteous Gust (E)

Explanation: Max your ultimate whenever possible, then Q - it's your main slowing+damaging skill so you and your team can catch enemies, our get the hell out of there. Then W - shield, the +armor and magic resist can save you or your ally, + you'll be healed if they attack the shielded champion. Put a point in E at level 4, and max it last, it gives you and your allies movement speed but only in a lane, and it doesn't do as much damage as your Resolute Smite does.

Tip: If you want to deal more damage, always put the shield (W) on yourself, then use your other abilities, because you will gain magic resist, and because of your passive half of that is converted to AP, so you'll deal more damage.

Item Build:

I always start with Null-Magic Mantle and 2 Health Potions.

1. upgrade to Chalice Of Harmony
2. Mercury's Treads
3. Banshee's Veil
4. Aegis Of Legion

These items I buy every game, but how I end is situational.

I prefer to play Galio if they have min. 2 strong AP champions, in those games i usually pick:
5. Abyssal Scepter
6. Force Of Nature
7. sell Chalice of Harmony and buy Guardian Angel

or for example if they have a fed AD:
5. Thornmail
6. Guardian Angel

That's it Hope you like it!

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TTMI Gameshow

Junior Member


I have a few questions to your build.

Clarity should be picked up by a pure support. If you don't have a Pure support I can see why you get it. A tank needs to be at a team fight asap, meaning that Teleport would be my obvious choice.

Flash as always is OP and therefor a must for almost all chars.

Instead of focusing on the composition I usually focus on the largest threat. If an enemy AD gets fed and the opposing team has 2 AP casters, I would build to counter the fed AD champ, and supplement with a little MR to mitigate the two AP. But to be able to focus on the opposing teams progression I need to build into health at first. Warmongers is therefore my first choice after Chalice. And then branch out as I described.