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A guide to the PBE! Commonly asked questions answered!

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Originally posted by Elo Tartarus (top bloke) on the NA forums. Though it would be good to anyone new to PBE.


I figured I would make this as a very basic welcome to the PBE.

Commonly asked questions.

1. I am level 1? Log out. Log In Profit. Wagons is amazing. Sometimes however this does not work you will need to play a bot game for level 30.

2. Only 10k IP and 4k RP? Buy the Digital collectors pack. 20 champs some runes and some extra RP back to buy a nice shiny skin! Spend that 10k IP on some runes.
Can I buy RP here? I do not know why you would. But is is disabled here.

3. No one is on? Well an easy way to see who is online this outside of adding every person you see is this. ALSO THIS SERVER IS BASED IN N.A. MEANING DAY TIME FOR MOST EUW/EUNE IS NIGHT TIME FOR US SO THERE MIGHT NOT EXACTLY BE A MASS OF PEOPLE ONLINE.

Step 1: Upon starting up the PBE client go the "View your chat rooms control panel" button located in the center bottom of your friends list tab. See picture if needed.
Step 2: Click "Public Chat Room One" See picture if needed.
Step 3: Click the gear in the top right corner. See picture if needed.
Step 4: Click the Auto Join On Start Up Button.

This allows you to see who is online as soon as the client opens with out having to add everyone.

You can also add people if you would like via this thread. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1406108

4. I am in ranked/normal and the Q time is super long! That is because most of the games in the PBE are as of now hosted in Custom games. So hop on over to the custom games lobby and join up.

5. Be friendly and try and have some fun. This does not mean however you should not try or make a friendly joke or two.

6. Take it easy on the reds who help run the PBE. It's a privilege not a right if you were lucky enough to get invited or just got it off of the link please be respecting of the reds and your fellow players.

7. Visit the PBE forums and see what we are supposed to be testing. That is after all why we are all here.

8. Are there a list of things we are currently testing such as patch notes? Currently no. We are only testing spectator mode as far as we know. But in the future it has been said there will be patch notes etc.

9. How much and when do I get my per week stipends? It has been 10k IP 4k RP every patch thus far.

10. I found a bug what do I do? Well first step go through the first two pages of the forums and check to see if ANYONE has posted the same bug if so just bump that thread with your experience. PLEASE DO THIS TO MANY OF THE SAME THREAD.

11. Pbe is down and I miss the chat room. Well when it is down we often go the live server and host the chat room "PBE chat" so feel free to come join if the servers are down.

12. This server is a waste of time I want to be compensated for my time here. This attitude I have seen around. Allow me to explain that when you hit yes on those agreements before you enter the PBE on them states this. "You agree that you are playing on the PBE voluntarily and you will receive no compensation or remuneration for your time whatsoever." So please read before you sign or do not complain about not getting anything out of testing for your live account.

13. Who are the reds on here?
Acetaminophen- Commonly known as Ace. Really awesome guy!

Iniquitee- Commonly known as Ini. She is super nice and has helped me out a ton!

Riot Sam- Commonly known as well Sam. Only talked to him once but he was very nice.

Riot Daemon- Commonly known as Daemon. I have not seen him/her ever on the pbe as far as I know.

Udyr- Our silent overlord.

If I forgot any they will have to post here and remind me ;P

14. I logged on after making my account and have 0 RP and 0 IP. Just wait an hour or so there is a script that fixes is this and hands out stipends to new accounts.

Originally Posted by vox1st
I have a question, where are the PBE patch notes? How am I supposed to know what we are testing? I might end up be a worthless tester because I don't do anything that tests the new changes.
There is usually a sticky post on what we are supposed to be testing. If there is no sticky look for a post by Ace or Ini.

Other helpful people commonly found on the PBE keep an eye out for them in public 1 they are nice and area usually more than happy to help.
And many more the community is great!

EDIT 1: Been sick, had lots of work so didn;t have much time to play or forum lurk. This is the latest version of the guide.

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2. Only 10k IP and 4k RP? Buy the Digital collectors pack. 20 champs some runes and some extra RP back to buy a nice shiny skin! Spend that 10k IP on some runes.

I wish some one gave me that idea earlier QQ.... anyways thx for the effort nice work there

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bumppity bump