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[Platform] Weird error message

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Senior Member


Priority: Major->Critical
Label: Platform, Logging in
Description: After another patch, I tried to use matchmaking. Everything was fine, until the game was starting then error saying that versions are not same has appeared. After Relogging this kind of error appeared:

body = (null)
clientId = "75E2DCC9-4D09-3A3A-7924-C610CE6590FB"
correlationId = "BD245D0B-AB1F-2BFE-479D-FAA0C9C7F0D1"
destination = "clientFacadeService"

Then, my summoner icon and buttons disappeared, making me not able to anything other than closing the client. Problem repeats everytime.

Repro Steps:
1. Try matchmaking
2. Pick character, wait for game start
3. Receive error about incompability between client and server (probably need to change the version without closing client)
4. Relog