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Certificate problem/issue

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Until today my LoL has worked just fine but in the morning and up till now i have been encountering this problem. Whenever i open LoL, click Play and login, immidiately in the login phase i get this : "The Internet site you are about to view uses a certificate that has expired or is not yet valid. Do you wish to proceed ?"
And this error just keeps popping up whenever i "wish to proceed" it just stops here at the login and few times the problem even disappeared for a few seconds but then LoL just shut down with a "send error report" kind of error. I have never experienced this kind of error before in LoL, i have cleaned my registry, scanned my PC, updated web browser and antivirus program but the problem still persists. What could be the solution to this problem i ask of you humbly. Thanks for response.

EDIT*: I have solved the issue. Guess the problem was the weird automatic date and time setting on my PC which was set to 2018 :O