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Possible Mordekaiser rework

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Okay due to the constant whine on Mordekaiser I decided to make a suggestion of a rework.

Base stats could be left as they are, a little more attack damage perhaps.

Note that the Shield gets kind of overhauled. It no longer adds shield based upon how much damage your abilities inflicts.

Okay onto Abilities:

(Innate)Ironman: Each time an Ability damages an enemy champion a stack of "Ironman" is applied to Mordekaiser up to a maximum of 15 stacks for a duration of 7 seconds. Each stack adds +2% Shield Regeneration per second
(30% being max, Do note that each stack fades on their own and each new damage application refreshes the oldest stack)

The actual shield scales with a stat: Magic Resist. I imagine it like 75 at all levels(+0.75 Magic Resist), this would give Mordekaiser 97.5 Shield on level 1 or 121 if you bought a Null-Magic Mantle first (400g)

Reasoning: A lot of players have problem with Mordekaisers early game, mainly new players might I add. This would reduce his laning presence early on by a tremendous amount and add a lot to his team fighting capabilities around mid game, Also a junglekaiser might appear. The Magic Resist scaling is there because it is quite difficult to build upon if you want to dish out loads of damage. With the exception of Abyssal Scepter ofcourse but I will return to this subject later. And in late game if you face a Mordekaiser with a crazy total of like 500 Magic Resist and have full stacks he would only block 135 damage per second.

(Q)Mace of Spades, Next Attack/Reset Attack timer
Health Cost:3%
Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5 seconds
Physical Damage (yes you read that right): 15/25/35/45/55+(0.4 Attack Damage, or 1.4 Attack damage because your attack is added there aswell)

Applies Mace of Spades debuff on enemy: Applies 2 (max) stacks of mace of spades healing him for 2% of his health per attack (Level 1: 600 starting health equals 12 health per attack, Late game with 4000 health equals 80 health per attack), consumes one stack for each attack. Duration 3 seconds.

SINGLE TARGET ONLY!!! no extra 3 bounces.

Reasoning: I chose Physical damage because it translated better into the bruiser role than Magic damage/AP. The extra healing added is your reward for a succesful harass against an enemy, there is currently too much "free harass" going on with the Kaiser atm, I thought I would change that. Also this encourages him to stick to one easy target rather than just smashing away at the closest champ. The Health scaling was just to ensure that it would not be crazy at any point in the game while still giving a nice little bonus. (Also note how the health cost is 3% and the total health gained is 4%)

(W) Creeping Death, Self Only, Toggle.

Health Cost 1.5% per second (you would probably need a Force of Nature to negate this, depending on how much health you have ofcourse)

Cooldown 12 seconds after deactivation

Adds 10/15/25/35/50 Armor/Magic Resist for the duration

Damage dealt, type, range and scaling remains the same.

Reasoning: Again Mordekaiser has a bunch of "free abilities" and I did not want the damage to be physical or scale with AD because adding too much AoE damage to a physical damage oriented champion might have devastating results. The bonus scales rapidly past level 3 because early on it might become overpowered. Again the health cost is % based so you are not plagued by it early game and can simply ignore it late. The Toggle was added because you want to have it in teamfights as much as you can, and its a risk/reward kind of thing aswell because you cant have it on all the time, it would drain too much health.

(E)Siphon of Destruction, AoE cone etc.

Health Cost 6% (ouch)

Cooldown 8 seconds

Physical Damage dealt: 50/75/100/125/150+(0.75 bonus attack damage, if you have 300 bonus Attack damage, 3 Bloodthristers, you would deal 375 damage in AoE)

Range and AoE remains the same

Slow: 35% at all levels.

Duration 5 seconds.

Reasoning: Again "free harass" = bad, this is a Physical damage AoE nuke and scales off Attack Damage, making it very a very dangerous concept. However its health cost keeps you from spamming it. Also Mordekaiser is currently lacking a gap closer which is why I added the slow. In a teamfight you would probably hit 3 targets at a time if you are doing it right/they are doing it wrong which deals 450 dmg from just the base and then add 100 bonus attack damage to the mix and you have a 675 damage burst. Which by the way is quite a lot from a bruiser (Sion aside).

(R) Children of the Grave

Deals the same amount of damage have same cd range etc.

However. While the Ghost is up it gives you and additional 35% Spellvamp and 20% Lifesteal, and adds all onhit effects you happen to have on the ghost.

Reasoning: Now this type of Mordekaiser is health costy if he wants to max his damage output (disregarding item build), and the extra Spellvamp and Lifesteal really helps out. The ulti itself is quite interesting and it is a mechanic that should be kept in the game. The old mechanic of onhit effects applying on the ghost was ruled out as a bug and it was really neat tbh.

Conclusion: This would make Mordekaiser into a "normal" bruiser, also he can choose to go for a more tanky build with the scaling Iron Man Shield and the bonus armor/mres from Creeping Death. The reason why it scales with magic resist is because for most physical dps magic resist is nigh unobtainable and I didnt want him to get both high surviviability and damage from one item build. If you build like a Metagolem for instance you get high health and damage on most bruisers, I dont think that build would be viable to be honest.

I have not taken Jungling into much consideration and numbers can be changed but I think I got the overall idea nailed. Constructive criticism would be appreciated!

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This would make Morde fair to play against and funnier to play against.

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Took 80 views for one comment , a little generic one but I dont expect rocket scientists making every comment.

keep em coming.