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Seto Kaiba

Senior Member


Im probably dumb to read the forum comments (same as yt comments), but here is something for all the "op champ qq"
Most of them have a specific counterpick, true while the op have general power to dominate there are things that make them more useless than the caster minions for your team.
List of counters for the popular op and/or just that people dont know how to handle:
Xin Zhao, Tryndamere, Master Yi (may force ulti) and to a digree Akali - EXHAUST or simmilar spells (Wither from Nasus may be even better since it gets better for you if he sticks for about 4 seconds)
Veigar, Nasus, Cho - Zone, zone and zone again, they need the farm to get good, they may die 2-3 times but that doesnt matter if by 15 min in the game they have over 200 creep kills since one hit will make you suffer like hell or in cho case youll kick that giant tyranid and do 15 dmg to him, if you aint dead from his nom nom nom) + points if you evade their delay spells

Karthus - anti ulti are Hexdrinker/Banshee/Elixir of Fortitude and calling when he gets to lvl 6! (till lvl 10 it makes sure you can survive ulti if you have about 60 hp - does not work if he is fed), any kind of spell shield, hold your range and try not to walk on bombs, but if you know you cant evade them (you on slow) stick with your minions or other champ, they do less damage if you are together.

Brand/(B)Annie - MR, you will be shred if you dont have about 100 of it and Mercury's Treads and dont stand to close together (a full damage bomb from karth is better than a group hug from tibbers or a lava ping pong), if you mid against them just farm like crazy and stand a cannon minion size away from your caster minions (or in general proximity so that they aggro them)

AP Teemo and Shaco (works vs stealth in general if you didnt guess) - DO NOT FACECHECK, use Vision Wards, i dont know how to express how important this is, no dont take your upgrade or some item, if you have boots and a pot get 1-2 of them and use them on brush, they have a longer range than box and can be used to see shrooms... this doesnt work if they lane with blitzcrank... but hey it works with anyone else, late game watch the minimap as hell and get a oracle before your 5th item.

Tanks that wont die - dont attack them (general rule), easy kill the low hp/armor/mr champs that can deal at least if not more damage then them first... ok you may run into problems if you go vs a female or yordle team with cho tank since you cant rotate the camera (teemo, poppy and trist once hid under me as cho and the enemy team first noticed when they were in a 2v4 because of 6 stack). *Kog maw and hp% damage are counters if you kill of the rest of the team*

GOOD Alistar, Amumu, and Blitzcrank players - Stay away and ask jungle for ganks, but dont overextend in them. In general they are semi weak champs but after sheen and a good positioning they truly are the real OP since they can position you without real need of spell use (just be being one of them you are a living zone tool)
Both will use walls for dirty ticks or pushing you into their turrets, so never chase them ore get close, just hold your range and try if you can zone em back (both need items rely bad if they wanna do anything late game except being a initiation suicide.
Another relative options are if you play SC2 a lot and have micro like crazy, you could just put a ward infront/behind you to negate the pull/glomp/push. *counter each other*
Singed - dont chase or get in a champion size range with him (ok cho players, you are just screwed since your hitbox is insane and he can just fling a 14m big monster over his shoulder but you should be ok if you play him good because of hp pool)

Vladimir and Mundo go where they please - Ignite and/or Executioner's Calling (MF, Katarina and Tristana are direct counter champions with hp regen reduction) - make at least 2 people get them AND remember to use them. By part Dots and Madred's Bloodrazor that may scare them off... and dont even think of pure turret hugging since both can just ignore them for 50% of the time. Remember they are NEVER low unless they have ignite ticking on them.

Katarina - Good silence and MR all her abilities deal Magic Damage, even if she builds AD, she wont be able to do much if you resist 50-60% of her spells, fighting her in a semi open space without minions - she can escape with Shunpo, so if you know you can outdo her damage or survive it with more than 40% hp, dont try to just poke in a minion full lane

Jax and Akali - Pretty much same as Katarina but with 2 hard rules: dont aa Jax and dont run from Akali unless she is more than a flash away (or you can flash over a wall),
now both of those things may seem stupid at first, but i give you 5 min to go to the wiki and read their abilites... see?!
You may try getting Frozen Heart, Randuin's Omen (remember to use) and Quicksilver Sash (he needs a ok initiation + helps if the retard champion ai aa's him after strike) depending on what he is building, stuff like exhaust will work but only for a while, so burst him down, run or stail off with cc till your team comes (all must focus on them, unless the enemy has a hard fed ranged ad or caster). Good option if you have 2k or more hp by 14-16 is Force of nature since it may give you the edge to survive + gives a little shied from their spells.

Other general counters:
Lane with support - get the support first since the lower their level the less support they are + they annoy with heal
Global ulti champs - dont go alone in jungle and ward, look at fights as a potential try to gank you unless the enemy is at the total lower edge of the screen, use pings to coord who is getting ganked
Trundle - Trolololol... well just get him out of his zone, dont stand near the pillar and fight in open
Mordekaiser - wait why did i put him here... he got kicked in the balls last patch

Feel free to add something since im sure i forgot a tactic or a "OMG HEZ SOO OP CHAM" to quote a person i played today against...