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Bug Report forums FAQ

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Riot Xenin

Lead Localisation Coordinator


How will the Bug Report forum work from now on?

The bug reports you are sending to us contain valuable data. Therefore we decided to improve the way we handle them so we can process the data faster and provide you with better feedback about what’s happening.

From now on, once a bug report is forwarded to our QA department for testing, your post in the forum will be closed. Once every two weeks we will give you feedback about the status of those reports and give you an approximate time line for getting them fixed.

To make this easier for all of us, please make sure to read the <How to Make a Bug Report> post and try to stick to the guidelines mentioned there.

All posts created in this section that are not bug reports will be moved to the appropriate forum section. So if you cannot find the post you created it probably means that it wasn’t a bug and was moved.


Why is my bug report closed?

This means that your report was forwarded to the QA department for testing and they are processing it. You should see feedback about it next time we do a status update.

I posted a report but now it’s gone. What happened?

Most likely the issue you reported was not an actual bug and it was moved to appropriate section of the forum.

When will I know that bug I reported is fixed?

We will give you updates about reports we forward to QA in a two week cycle. Also you will be able to check the list of bug fixes in the patchnotes.