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PVP.Net Error

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Beyond Feedlike

Junior Member


Even though i have seen many reports about launcher problems and even more threads giving out information on how to fix them, i do not think i have seen any about the one i am experiencing now.

So basically even though the client remains open there is a second LoL window that pops up and says "PVP.Net Error" and underneath "Oops, PVP.Net has encountered a problem. Sorry about that."

When it happens just when i open the launcher, i only have reopen it.. but it happens many times each day so sometimes it occurs when i am in the character selection. In this occasion the time vanishes, i cannot change my runes, mastery page and if i wait too much the game starts without me knowing it. So what i have learned to do is after 1-2 minutes i close the launcher , reopen it and reconnect and then i can normally playing.

The problem is:
- I am losing too much time of gameplay (sometimes i log in at 4th-5th minute).
- I am not aware of the game starting when the bug occurs so i can start a game with random-ed hero.
- In ranked games due to the time that is needed for my turn to come (when i am not a captain) , i cannot pick the character.
I have attached an image. I would appreciate some help, even a link about a thread that could help.
(By the way my PC is more than fine and so is my internet connection. I have also port-forwarded every single port that is needed by League of Legends)
Love y'all