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Mordekaiser VS Jax = Epic battle

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So we hear a lot of "QQ-ers" on forums that keep saying Morde is OP and we got "QQ-ers" who keep saying Jax is OP. Now who would be the victor between these two OP champs ? I sure wanted to find that out and since i have been playing Mordekaiser a while now i just couldn't wait for Jax to appear in enemy team. Around 25 minutes ago i finished a game where i finally awaited the so called OP Jax who happened to be in enemy team. So i decided to go for my not so usual build. The game was long, early game Jax killed me in solo fight. In mid-game we actually managed to kill both ourselves. And somewhere late game (50mins or so) i killed him in a solo fight with around 30% hp left.

Lategame builds:

Jax build:

Hextech Gunblade
Ninja Tabi
Guinsoo's Rageblade
Abyssal Scepter
and 2 more items (one of them tanky and i can't remember the last) and also all elixirs in last late-game battle.

Mordekaiser(my build):

Hextech Gunblade
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Abyssal Scepter
Force of Nature
Sunfire Cape
Blasting Wand and all elixirs

Early game i wasn't match for his constant "Hit and Run" moves with Empowered Leap Strike which with ignite lead to my early death. Mid-game i finally got some tankiness (In their team were Katarina, Fiddlesticks, Teemo[AP], Jax and Nunu[AP - tank]) which i achieved with Force of Nature and had my Revolver for some additional spellvamp. I managed to kill him and the healing from Creeping Death and Children of the Grave kept me alive at first second or 2 but he ignited me (he had Flash and Ignite and i had Flash and Exhaust) and my healing got pretty **** worse and he killed me but luckily my ultimate finished him off (we were both kind of fed so we ended each others killing sprees). Late game we bumped into each other at top while i tried to push, immidiately we activated everything we had including Hextech's Active and summoners. I guess this time somewhat I outhealed the ignite and my ulti kept generating shield and healing me even through his rising speed. I actually healed so much, that he died soon and i was having like 25 or 30% hp.

To sum it all up, i can't really say who is better since people state both are OP. And i must say it was a very exciting and sweaty game. But it's true Jax gets tanky through AP/AD and is tough by himself. If i got full AP he would have killed me in no time. If i have gotten all tank items, i couldnt kill him and he would kill me, just it would take a little more time. But with this hybrid build i achieved decent damage output, lifesteal+spellvamp and toughness.

Comment and share your toughts about these 2 amazing champions.