LoL wont start, doesnt go past launcher.

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Hey all, so heres my problem.

Up until yesterday LoL was working fine, like a charm. But today im encountering this weird situation. I start the game and everything is fine till the launcher shows up, at which point i click play and nothing happens afterwards. My pc is NOT stuck or anything. the game just doesnt start.

Where it get really weird though is that i can see the process running in the task manager under the processes tab but no matter how long i wait nothing happens with it!

so a few pieces of information:

I am under windows vista 32.
Tried running the game as administrator, makes no difference.
Yesterday it was working just fine, and the only thing i did that might have something to do with the problem was a registry repair through tune up utilities, which i do regularly and has never caused a problem i know of, but it could have caused a problem.

any ideas? thanks in advance, have fun

EDIT: **FIXED** through game repair.