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About the "migration failed" error msg when migrating pvp.net

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I was having trouble with this when i installed the game aswell, I had to check alot of threads to get a clue about how to migrate successfully.

1st solution.

And then i figured it out, All you have to do is to Go to you League of Legends folder which is inside the Riot Games folder, and then just run lol.launcher.

2nd solution.

If that doesnt work, try going to the RADS folder (which still is inside the league of legends folder) Then drag the folder "RADS" on your desktop.

After doing this doubleclick the LOL luncher to download again.
Now the migration must work.

I made it and now there is a new patcher.

Hopefully This will help some of you,

this is my first thread so i hope someone gets help from this