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Fiddlesticks counter strategy

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Hello everyone!
In last few days, I met a lot of summoners playing Fiddlesticks, and almost everytime they were very overpower against me and the whole team (balanced team, I was playing Kassadin or Ezreal). I looked at Fiddlesticks, and tried to find a counter strategy, which I can counter Fiddlesticks with, but I got no idea, so I googled "counter fiddlestics" and I found a thread on the US LoL forums, with some advices against Fiddle, like using his spell's low range and harass him, or waiting until his ultimate is on CD and teamfighting them, but those are just speculations... My idea was to build magic resistance, but it seemed unhelpful against his silence - fear - drain combo, or his ultimate which gets me down in aprox. 4 secs.
So do You have any ideas or combos to counter him, because I'm getting to the conclusion that Fiddle should be REMOVED FROM THIS GAME ...

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Senior Member


Ward brush.

Take Flash and use it when Fiddle ultis out of the brush you didn't ward.

Get merc treads if you're laning against him so you've got some defense against both his spells and his Fear.

I've not played Kass and Ez only a couple of times. Unless you can win10cent the guy (and if you've not seen his leaguecraft ez guide you should as he has a youtube of himself destroying fiddle and everyone else in under 2 minutes) then of course your great skillshot pokes will get healed up.

My advice to anyone as an ordinary player is that whenever someone seems to be owning you in your lane do one or more of the following:

* Buy a couple of wards. Ward brush either side of lane, or at the very least the brush Fiddle is most using to harrass you. Refresh with second ward when first runs out.
* Buy your +2 boots a bit earlier, and if it's against a well played Fiddle make them merc treads. Fiddle isn't fleet of foot, so unless he's wasting a Flash on you then you should be able to simply move in and out of zone to get your last hits
* Needless to say, last hit only and otherwise move around your minions so as not to auto attack, this moves the lane towards your tower, Fiddle will not last under the tower unless he's fed with some AP and HP.
* Buy a couple more health pots than you might otherwise or a health regen item if it's not straying from your main build path as a carry. This keeps you in lane.

With the above you will reduce the risk of feeding Fiddle, who can't farm that well anyway, and you don't lose your tower by being dead or walking back to it from death, thereby meaning you've kept your lane intact moving into the midgame.

It might not have gone well, but it could have gone a lot worse.

And let's face it, regardless of the champion, we've all come up against someone that is half a second quicker of thought that has really hurt us no matter what we've tried.

I usually just say 'well played' to them and play more defensively. Lose the battle at minimum cost, win the war. Unless your teammates have fed them, in which case it doesn't matter

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Iceberg X

Junior Member


I don't think I could provide you with much advice regarding a lane fiddle, since even though I can see it being slightly annoying, I don't think it's viable to begin with, but I play Jungle Fiddle and play against him on a regular basis, and all I can say about him is you have to "feel" him. His jungle is fast, if you don't see him gank at lvl 4 (roughly when you hit lvl 3 on bot lane, and lvl 5 on solos), then you can safely assume he will wait for a lvl 6 gank.

In that scenario, you will NEED a ward on your lane, to have any chance of surviving a decent fiddle. Fiddle is one of these junglers with ganks so strong that he can easily tackle a bot lane and double kill it with his ult, so you must assume that he will, back off at lvl 4-5, get a ward and be ready for him.

As the game progresses, well you need to anticipate him, if his team is 4v5 and they are playing agressive, fiddle is in the bush, no question. Ward strategic places (like purple's wraiths if you are playing blue), or the mid bushes, or the area on the other side of baron if you are blue. Common sense.

As far as surviving his damage, well magic resist is key, and lightning reflexes with flash, cause he WILL fear you instantly as he ult+flashes you, if you can flash at the same time as he does, you will live, if not, your chances are slim to none.

Get Merc Threads, or any form of tenacity. Get banshee's in mid/late game, or QSS if that is impossible, and save some cc for him.