LoL and leave penalty

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So after ending a match, I shut down LoL and went on to play Mass Effect.

After a few minutes into it, I thought I started hearing strange sounds in the background. I tabbed out of the game and thought there was a flash-comercial that had sounds to it on youtube. But I had nothing activated besides ME and Youtube in the start menu.

After a while I go into the task manager and lolclient and leagueoflegends.exe is activated?

So I try the ole' alt+tab method and, only chrome(with youtube), task manager and ME comes up. I closed down both of LoL processes in the task manager and all of a sudden the game starts up and I am in the middle of a game (in which everyone was already level 8+).

Which comes to my other question. (If it even belongs in here)
What are the penalty for leaving anyway? and is this a common issue that LoL runs in the background and joins a game for you? I hope it's not common, for I wouldn't want it to constantly join a match and all of a sudden not be able to play it.