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LoL disconnects my internet.

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Mister Snippy

Junior Member


Hello, lately (past month) I've been having alot of problems with internet connection when playing League of Legends. My connection never has any problems except when I play LoL, which disconnects me pretty much atleast once each game. Needless to say it's annoying for my teammates, but especially to me.

The reason is that simply fixing the modem will still leave me impaired. If i wait for my connection to return (this means my browser doesnt have net neither btw), and then reconnnect ingame, there will be plenty of fake mobs. When this happens twice my minimap is pretty much rendered unusable. Restarting the client either puts me in qeue when im unlucky, or when i do get to log in, I still cant connect due to pvp chat error. It'll give me server closed every time I click the button to join the ongoing game. I have to actually restart both my modem (to restore connection) aswell as reboot my whole pc (logging off and reentering doesnt fix it for some reason) in order to join back as normal. Even then I have a chance of having some icons messed up, like avarice blade or pickaxe showing as something else.

I have tried to find topics like these, but most have gone unanswered. One thing that got mentioned was to deinstall pando media booster, which I did find on my computer. I got rid of it but the problem persists. I really have no idea why this is happening.. This problem is rendering the game close to unplayable, is anyone able to help me out here?