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[Dreamhack] Interviews

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BigBoss Cat

Senior Member


Hello summoners !

Dreamhack is coming soon, and i've fixed me some objectives : to have 8 interview with each qualified team before this week-end. So, i'll post all here, and probably a translation in french forum.

Wish me luck <(~.~)> !

PS : If concerned person want to help me, thank you in advance !

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BigBoss Cat

Senior Member


Interview Against All Authority

BigBoss Cat : First of all, thanks for spending your time with me. For people who do not know you, can you present yourself and speak about your role in your team ?
Linak : Linak, aAa League of Legends player, occupying the position ap/jungler .

BigBoss Cat : Well, then dispell or confirm the rumor : is there a link between ceasing to stream and the big competion coming up?
Linak : Yes and no, the next competitions were one more reason. The main one was that players used my stream to contact me, and to taunt/flame me about private matters.

BigBoss Cat : I understand. My next question already has an answer, it was about the “bad” results aAa has been getting lately. And I’m still wondering, why these compositions ?
(He had already openly answered on this : “We don’t actually use any composition we want to play at DH, and that’s mainly why we fail&#8220
Linak : go4lol results don’t really matter anymore, because the 1st season points have already been distributed. We don’t want to play an improvised composition again like we did at the IEM finals.

BigBoss Cat : So now, you are testing compositions, just in case your traditional ones will be banned or counter-piked ?
Linak : Right, we play everything, and see what best suits our game and how we face the opposing teamplay.

BigBoss Cat : That’s wise I think. Then, I want to talk about your new recruit : MoMa. Is he fitting in quickly in the team ?
Linak : He already is. He has the same point of views as we have, he’s competitive and fun, and he has the same availibilities.

BigBoss Cat : Next question was an upsetting one (not too much i hope). Could you tell us about your previsions about the other european Dreamhack qualifiers ?
Linak : Fnatic/Wizzard would be the two teams we might loose against, but I still have my doubts. We’ll see on D-Days.

BigBoss Cat : Why such confidance ?
Linak : Because we don’t show how many times we win against SK/Fnatic in Ranked Full Premade games, with more standard compositions. If we are so high up in the 5v5 ladder, means there is a reason.

BigBoss Cat : Ok, but why don’t you even worry about SK ? Was Araneae such a huge lost ?
Linak : Since Araneae left, players have been blaming and flaming. Araneae isn’t the best player in the world, but he has an extraordinary leadership. A bit like what’s happening to Fnatic with Wetdream leaving them.

BigBoss Cat : Arg, I wasn’t aware of the departure of Wetdream.
Linak : It’s not official yet.

BigBoss Cat : Moving on, about the teams overseas, who do you think you could meet at DH?
Linak: Team SoloMid, don’t know about the others.

BigBoss Cat : Ok. Alright, a foolish question to conclude. Will you be aAa Linak tomorrow evening ?
Linak : Off course o_o !

BigBoss Cat : ^^ Cheers for the rename, and good luck to the aAa.
Linak : Thanks.

Translation : Saki Rexi

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BigBoss Cat

Senior Member


Interview myRevenge e.V.

BigBoss Cat : Hello Flash. Thanks for your time. So, let's start. Can you present yourself, and explain your role in your team ?
Flashinthenight : Flashinthenight, Russia, playing ap carrys mid lane mostly. Leader of the team myRevenge russia.

BigBoss Cat : Lately, the result of your team was good (go4LoL, EMS), and myR is one of the most stable teams. Do you feel ready for the Dreamhack Qualifier ?
Flashinthenight : Yes, we think so. team is quite competitive, we all are Russians, and you know - Russians never give up. Only our nation can do the greatest comebacks in history, so we can try to do something extraordinary in our picks/gameplay. But skill and experience will show, who is the best. We just have to be motivated to win the games, and now we are.

BigBoss Cat : Standard question (always ask it) : Who do you think will be qualified for the great final ?
Flashinthenight : Well, I don’t know exactly, but I hope that wizards will take one of the places. They deserve it, because they train hard and do everything what’s needed. They have a perfect leader with Araneae and not bad players. But looking honestly, I think that it will be Fnatic+aAa+Wizards/SK Gaming. For sure, we also would like to take a place, but it will be very hard. Though we have a good team and can beat anyone as well.

BigBoss Cat : All seems to be in your hand honestly ><. And your answer was so complete.
By the way, what do you think about the teams overseas ?
Flashinthenight : Well, my aim now is to get to dreamhack, not to win it. But in fact Americans haven't impressed me in EMS. We won Team Solomid so far, having 1 guy being disconnected for 10 minutes. So I consider their top3 teams to be the same like ours 6-8th.

BigBoss Cat : Ok, so the foolish concluding question : what do you think about Kiruur ?
Flashinthenight : she's cute :>

BigBoss Cat : Thank you for everything, and good luck !
Flashinthenight : Your welcome, same. We'll need it much on this qualif .


BigBoss Cat : Hello Irugat. Thanks for your time. So, let's start. Can you present yourself, and explain your role in your team ?
Irugat : I'm Irugat, myRevenge Russia league of legends player. I play at top lane (mage/tank) and sometimes jungle.

BigBoss Cat : Lately, the result of your team was good (go4LoL, EMS), and myR is one of the most stable teams (you are the last arrived isn't it ?). Do you feel ready for the Dreamhack Qualifier ?
Irugat : I don't feel ready to play vs best EU team (fnatic, my opinion) and other teams are really strong. In this mix I'm the last arrived. But we have been playing together for 8 months with zulin,alex ich,genja 007 and d4rker.

BigBoss Cat : So, you think Fnatic will be qualified ? What about the other teams ?
Irugat : Some time ago, I though SK would be on Dreamhack, but now, I'm not sure. The other teams are strong, and all teams got a chance to be #3. No one can say if gamed.de, aLS will win or not ... Nobody knows. Anyway i think aaa and fnatic will be on dream hack

BigBoss Cat : And what do you think about Araneae’s new team, Wizards Club ?
Irugat : Araneae is a good team leader. New Wizards plays a lot, it’s the reason why they are so strong. They are one of the strongest EU teams (even stronger than SK).

BigBoss Cat : So, what will you do till the qualifier ? Prepare ? Relax ?
Irugat : ofc prepare. We prepare everyday in the week.

BigBoss Cat : And about the teams overseas, who do you think you could meet at DH?
Irugat : I don’t think US teams are good. They play trash on picks and lane. I don’t know maybe because they play mostly on solo ranked ?
On last WCG, last SK was not so good, I don’t know how they won the EU qualifier. But if Fureur/Dimigeo (Fureur : Alth0r Linak etc; and Dimigeo : nRated/ocelote/Araneae/Rashaasii) played at last WCG, I don’t think they [ndlr : CLG] were able to win.

BigBoss Cat : Even TSM ?
Irugat : Last time, we play against team solo mid, it wasn’t hard. I was on Jarvan (nickname Alex Ich, cause riots didn’t make me acc) and i play vs ReginaId, he always pushed top lane and placed fail wards. And i was disconnected 10 min in that game, they pick baron/dragon and we still win after my reconnection.

BigBoss Cat : All right, the last foolish question : what is your preferred skin ?
Irugat : Nurse akali ! But I’m no more able to play that because she became too useless.

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BigBoss Cat

Senior Member


Interview Avec Le Style

BigBoss Cat : Hi Shlaya. Can you present yourself for those who dont know you ?
Shlaya : Hi I am ShLaYa, fureur’s team leader and for this event I’ll be representing the colors of aLs.

BigBoss Cat : How exactly did you end up fighting by the side of aLs ? Is Riot ok with that?
Shlaya : I’ve been contacted by a member of aLs and having a competitive mindset I accepted. It seems it’s alright, so far we haven’t had any problems with this and other teams have had new players as well.

BigBoss Cat : which roles do you play usually?
Shlaya : Usually AD carry, but due to some problems with players (mainly because of a pretty restricted champion pool ) I play jungle.

BigBoss Cat : The line-up being pretty new, do you think you will be trained enough for tomorrow?
Shlaya : Being this new group of players that we are, it’s going to be hard for us to face teams that have been going tryhard for several weeks. We’re not safe from surprises.

BigBoss Cat : About these other teams, what would be your prognostic?
Shlaya : Qualification for the Wizards and the aAa and a battle between fnatic and tictacs.

BigBoss Cat : SK wouldn’t even be in the top 4 according to you?
Shlaya : They are, but for me, they are below the teams I’ve mentionned earlier eventhough their great potential. They can qualify no doubt. But my opinion is based on recent events.

BigBoss Cat : Alright, let’s hope you get there. And what’s your opinion about the US teams?
Shlaya : I rarely watch the US teams, except bigfatjiji and I think that he and his team [ed : CLG] can qualify hands down.

BigBoss Cat : Silly question to finish : who is your favorite Rioter ?
Phreak because he dances really well (http://vimeo.com/19885989) !

BigBoss Cat : Héhé ^^ ! Alright, thanks for the interview, and good luck for tomorrow !
Shlaya : Thanks, and thanks for devoting your time ;p !

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BigBoss Cat

Senior Member


Interview fNatic MSI

ed : Due to the recentness of the event, and out of respect for the fNatic players, the WetDream case will not be discussed.

BigBoss Cat : So, Hello Mellisan. Can you present yourself and tell us about your role in a team ?
fnatic mellisan : I m Mellisan, the support player of fNatic League of Legends.

BigBoss Cat : Do you feel ready for the dreamhack qualifier tomorrow ?
fnatic mellisan : Of course, we feel very confident with winning the last 2 monthly Go4LoL and having a lot of practice in the last weeks. Since IEM we have basically been preparing for this day, so we better than ready.

BigBoss Cat : Do the extraordinary results of Wizards impress you ?
fnatic mellisan : Their latest results were quite impressive indeed, they have always been around on a pretty high level, but after picking up Araneae they improved a lot.

BigBoss Cat : So, in your opinion, which team will pass this qualification ?
fnatic mellisan : Hard to say, I think Wizards have great chances tomorrow, then its hopefully us and aAa/SK, even though their latest results were not really impressive, but those teams just got a lot experience when it comes down to such tournaments.

BigBoss Cat : And what about US ones ?
fnatic mellisan : First I must admit, that I have little experience about US teams, but I expect TSM to be qualifying for sure. For the other 2, I guess CLG should be among those.
For other teams from US, OGOBEARS did not impress me at all with their performance in the EMS and then my knowledge about US teams already ends.

BigBoss Cat : So I'll finish with a stupid question as usual : who is the "*****iest" champion of league of legends ?
fnatic mellisan : From the looks, its obviously Evelyn.

BigBoss Cat : Ok, thank you for your time spent with me.
fnatic mellisan : You’re welcome !

BigBoss Cat : And good luck for tomorrow !
fnatic mellisan : Thanks.

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BigBoss Cat

Senior Member


Interview SK Gaming

BigBiss Cat : Hello Wickd, can you present yourself for foolish people who don’t know you yet ?
SK Wickd, SK League of Legends player, occupying the position AD/Support/Melee.

BigBoss Cat : Since Araneae left, people say you've dropped in performance. Are you confident as well for the tomorrow qualifier ?
SK Wickd : Well I am rank 1st so i believe i didn't drop in performance. Anyway my team didn't drop either we only got better i believe. Other teams however also got better, but I still believe we are number 1 and that is also what the seeding says. So for me i don´t worry at all about tomorrows qualifier.

BigBoss Cat : Not even with the incredible result of the Wizards?
SK Wickd : No.

BigBoss Cat : So, can you give us your prognostic for tomorrow ?
SK Wickd : On how I think things will go? I believe we win every games we will play. I think aAa and fNatic both will win their games too. But I dont know who will win of aAa and fnatic in the game against each other, both are great teams. So no clue.

BigBoss Cat : You don't think the recent left of WetDream should drop their level, and let the third place to Wizards by example ?
SK Wickd : I Believe the recent drop of WetDream dropped the level of fNatic, but I still believe they are top 3.

BigBoss Cat : Ok, and what about Oversea teams ?
SK Wickd : I don't have any information about them, and therefore I got no clue.

BigBoss Cat : Well, so the last stupid question : which Pokemon's game are the best ?
SK Wickd : Black and white but that is obviously because they are the newest. When i was a kid and played Pokemon the oldest one was best ever.

BigBoss Cat : Thank you for everything, and good luck about tomorrow !

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BigBoss Cat

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Interview Wizards Club

BigBoss Cat : Hi Araneae, can you present yourself for people who don't know you ?
Araneae : Hello, Im Araneae, the captain of Team Wizards LoL, and I play junglers/supports.

BigBoss Cat : It is quite recent you're playing under Wizards flag. How have you been recruited ?
Araneae : Well, I know the Wizards members since long long time ago. I was in a old team with Babeta, and I was all the day talking with them. But they were always a group of 4, looking for a last good member to complete the Line up. Thats why they asked me to join here.

BigBoss Cat : I think a lot of people have the same question but... How it's possible ? Your line-up got fixed 3 week sooner, and you already become one of the favorite teams !
Araneae : They were already a really top team. Really skilled players all of them. I didnt do much for them, just brought my experience here. They did the rest.

BigBoss Cat : So, next question is a bit troll. What is your prognostic ?
Araneae : Mmm dunno. I think fNatic is already the top 1, and there are also a lot of teams trying to reach the Top. Lets see everything in some hours.

BigBoss Cat : Nice answer. Don't you think WetDream departure will affect their game ?
Araneae : Yeah sure. He was also main-voice ingame. And also in Bans/Picks so lets see. But I still think they are top1, even if they have to carry so hard xPeke :/.

BigBoss Cat : Héhé. And what do you think about US Team ?
Araneae : Dont really know about them. I will watch after my tournament their tourny. I'm just concentrated on the EU team at the moment.

BigBoss Cat : To conclude, the usual stupid question : how do you exaclty pronounce Araneae ?
Araneae : Araniiiiiiiii ^^ ! Or just Ara.

BigBoss Cat : Ok, thank you for everything, and good luck for this week-end !
Araneae : Thank you too ^^ !

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BigBoss Cat

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Inteview gamed.de
BigBoss Cat : Hi Candy, can you present yourself and tell us about your team ?
Candy Panda : Candy panda, german, playing ranged carries and coordinating bans and picks in the team gamed.de.

BigBoss Cat : So, you were quite discrete lately, but here you are, with your place for DH. How do you feel ?
Candy Panda : We feel really great, we trained the last 2 weeks so hard and played like 5 matches per day and it worked out. Were really proud to kick sk into the loser bracket !

BigBoss Cat : Did you feel confident before the start ?
Candy Panda : Well we know it would be hard but for me we had the easiest way against Wizards and Sk, so I was quite confident.

BigBoss Cat : And so, what did you think about the seed battle which are going to start ?
Candy Panda : Well first of all were just happy that we get a spot on dreamhack, thats why we already lost the game vs aAa 2-0 cause we didnt really take it serious but if we play vs Sk or fnatic we want to win ofc

BigBoss Cat : I wish you good luck. Did you have a look on US game ?
Candy Panda : Of course we watched the Us qualifier yesterday and we watch bigfatjijis stream etc and were quite confident I dont think they play that good. Only TSM has the coordination to beat the EU teams imo!

BigBoss Cat : Can you tell us a bit about HotShotGG Drama ?
Candy Panda : Well I think he has a point, If youre a bit into the US competetive you will see that TSM surely has a really easy way to DH. But on the other hand if Clg wants to be a top team they have to beat every team.

BigBoss Cat : Ok, so as usual i'll conclude with a spuid question : Did you survive annie bot ?
Candy Panda : I never played Coop vs AI so I guess I survived her !

BigBoss Cat : Well, so thank you for everything, and good luck for DH !
Candy Panda : Thanks for the interview !

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BigBoss Cat

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Reserved 8

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Robie the PAX

Senior Member


First!!!!....... I mean Good Luck. Can't say much else at this point on.