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5 euro RP paysafecard event

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A friend of mine was lucky enough to win the gift card in the paysafecard event, but he doesn't want to buy RP so he gave it to me. Today I bought 2 10euro paysafecards and followed the instructions in the mail that my friend received, but when I finished buying the RP, the only RP I got was from the 20 euros, not the 5 euro from the event card. I also can't insert it anywhere else, cause it will keep telling me there is no budget on that card or something like that, and when I try to re-enter the used 20 euro codes, it obviously doesnt let me, because they've been used already. The cards are only valid until april 10th, so please fix this before april 10th. Thanks in advance.


EDIT: Ok I'm really dumb, found a solution to this problem in another thread: http://eu.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=1725537#post1725537
Check the second comment and that will fix it.