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Sticky Thread Lucian, the Purifier, now available for testing! ZenonTheStoic TheLioner 8
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Sticky Thread Udyr crashes on PBE vLemon youssefgen 5
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Sticky Thread A New PBE Community! Riot Pwyff Riot Pwyff 0
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Sticky Thread Sign-ups For the Public Beta Environment  ( 1 2 3 ... 33 ) RiotNyandalee LordDarkCookie 327
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Sticky Thread How to Submit Bug Reports and Feedback vLemon vLemon 1
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Sticky Thread Frequently Asked Questions PhageQuit JondePro 7
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When will the new champion rotation be available in PBE? Zeus Thunderbolt Zeus Thunderbolt 2 848
[Game][Major] Can't target Karthus Borys CLAB Borys CLAB 0 235
[Game][Major]Cant attack tower Kultal I Gf Myself 1 305
[game] Cho-CATh... Lulu whimsy bug JozeephegCZ I Gf Myself 1 325
Can't tell if glitch... Tensive Awesomé 2 384
Create a ban list MasEpises MasEpises 3 851
[Game]:Major bugs:Kog Maw change skin blaxos blaxos 0 203
[Game] Can't target Master Yi bot on Proving Grounds Minimalis91 Minimalis91 0 218
[Platform][Critical] Crashing after Right-click Fenlen Fenlen 0 208
[Game] Persistent Blue Buff/ Ignite Cable36Wu Cable36Wu 0 206
[Platform][Minor]Saveing rune pages Kultal Kultal 0 162
upcoming patch ParadoxicaLL ParadoxicaLL 0 212
about the shadow's patch lDracua lDracua 0 261
Kayle´s ult on Kogs passive Mortey95 Mortey95 0 267
[Platform][Major] Cant see all champions in champion tab Kultal Kultal 0 289
[Major] Impossible to test stuff Fishnet Fishnet 0 215
New GUI stuff Fishnet Fishnet 0 223
[Platform] After game crash unable to re-enter the match in progress Cable36Wu Fishnet 1 328
[UI] Cheap runes in store. wazok Fishnet 2 644
[Game] [Minor] Ignite animation Kiwis Are Kewl Kiwis Are Kewl 0 141
[Platform][Minor] Champion select DeViL of Truth Kiwis Are Kewl 1 141
chat bug never fixed in so much time NITRO86sp Kultal 4 314
edit masteries self1ftw self1ftw 2 176
[Platform] Login Queue Times JoaoLuis JoaoLuis 0 159
Right now i just love PBE  ( 1 2 ) AlexBuzz75 I Gf Myself 11 1474
suggestions to match history FlyToSky123 I Gf Myself 1 182
[Game] [minor] lizard's minion bug FlyToSky123 FlyToSky123 0 178
[Platform][Minor] At chap selection all enemy players appear disconnected Kultal FlyToSky123 3 177
[Platform][Major] Dodge runes in shop Kultal Kultal 0 158
[Platform] Login Queue I Gf Myself I Gf Myself 0 156
[Game][minor] Ever lasting Ignite Kultal I Gf Myself 1 161
[Game][Major]Disconnected,and got an different champ Kultal Kultal 0 198
[Platform][Minor] I can't use the bottom scroll properly Kultal Kultal 0 276
[Platform] Can't delete friend folder Kultal Kultal 0 357
Option "forgot password" don't work KMyL KMyL 0 153
Cant login eXtremeFâgget eXtremeFâgget 0 181
Singed Fling Bug Xsizors Xsizors 0 205
Fiora Ulti bug with Fiddle Drain RadzioPoL Phantomhivex 3 486
PBE unavalable Zheruel I Gf Myself 7 718
lulu bug with rumble RadzioPoL HighLittlePony 3 488
[PLATFORM] Rp and Ip stats not updated Fluviu I Gf Myself 4 486
Innovation of Rankeds Andemaru I Gf Myself 6 296
PBE launcher Shadowfolower Shadowfolower 2 394
Sign up error 10box 10box 2 583
Custom game for 2 players ONLY? gooligoogoo Phantomhivex 4 669
Custom games Phantomhivex Phantomhivex 0 172
Irelia's Nerf Janitsu Aga Wojownik 3 709
[Game] Wards are shown incorrectly at shop and inventory iAmTheSonic iAmTheSonic 0 185
Lulu's dance emote Darche Darche 0 408
[Game]various bugs Samukazi Samukazi 0 211