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Sticky Thread LCS Alternative Streams Janook Trolis PrikoLTS 8
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Sticky Thread Tournament Code and Custom Game Pause features  ( 1 2 ) RiotMarcou Nirwastir 19
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Sticky Thread Welcome to the Competitive Discussion Forum! RiotMarcou RiotMarcou 0
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Better Win/Lose system for ranked Bennn97 eKrack 1 79
Forming 3v3 Team to reach Master Tier Siegrain15 HibraBG 1 118
Looking for a duo partener Kahunatibi eKrack 1 178
Why does Fnatic still keep soaz? Kopár Vasbeton Kopár Vasbeton 0 183
Ranked game not in match history, no LP gained Glaciex Glaciex 0 233
Matchmaking WTF ?! Drezdan Shiphtur 1 468
just a serious question DeusCosmus jonezkin 1 609
Looking to join a team! gold 3+ BlastBanger BlastBanger 0 815
Looking for duo, Gold II Porn Queen Taric Porn Queen Taric 0 930
999 wins :D Porn Queen Taric Porn Queen Taric 0 1377
Daily Quests (Idea) BlackyTheMastah BlackyTheMastah 0 1760
Dear summoners! What about a survey? Milkystar05 Milkystar05 1 2427
Need Acc Germantokas123 Germantokas123 0 2288
Dear summoners! What about a survey? Milkystar05 Milkystar05 0 2523
i want to join a team gbnorby gbnorby 0 2922
Supp for team power sword123 power sword123 0 3165
LF an active ranked team gold+ (3vs3)+(5vs5) Šhadów Šhadów 0 3580
D3 Jungler Looking for 5on5 serious team Fukkin Clown Fukkin Clown 0 3689
Lose Streak but still getting a ton of LP PandaSung PandaSung 0 3718
Im creating a TEAM. Sixtef Adaratan 5 5911
Searching for ranked team power sword123 power sword123 0 3850
Need people for ranked team power sword123 power sword123 0 4012
Looking For Silver-Gold ranked team! Furion Stromrage Furion Stromrage 0 4152
Looking for team members to play ranked Gyangaling Gyangaling 0 4146
anyone wants a clan? Killersummoner19 Killersummoner19 0 4181
LCS Reviews (both EU and NA)  ( 1 2 3 ... 4 ) Dukekillem Adams2102 33 23690
Creating a Team Any age ; Any league EUNE Gr3xor Gr3xor 0 4450
DuoQ :) Isalkir Isalkir 0 4471
Chan Ban is the worst thing that happened to LoL lately! Tolak0s14 Tolak0s14 0 4765
We are looking for plat/dia mid laner Dêsert Eagle Dêsert Eagle 0 5465
Lf plat/dia players for rank team ! Dêsert Eagle OminousMix 3 6192
Looking for team,just read it.Ty Philum mihael3766 4 12226
Yasuo BEAST MODE: ON (Parody) Kofeel Kofeel 0 5932
LF dia+ players for comp team Brisseboi Brisseboi 0 5957
anyone for duo? ExTaZy126 ExTaZy126 0 5976
Etsin itselleni claania Silver Jungler EUNE. Verikala Peeveli 1 6109
Nikolaj Jensen ban Corrupted Slime Corrupted Slime 0 6382
Some Questions About The LCS Str1ck Str1ck 0 6350
EU LCS Summer Playoffs 2014 MasterKenoby MasterKenoby 2 8082
The future : Dota 2 vs LoL GeniousX GeniousX 0 6523
Rank the EU and Na casters ImEvts ImEvts 0 6817
Team Builder (Modified) for Ranked Queue Crimson Blades Crimson Blades 0 6787
Why always me ??????????!!!!!!11?? Anthraxxqt HibraBG 2 7295
Jax vs Khazix Nemesis Hamza Nemesis Hamza 0 6903
Ello hell is not real ?! YaBBaDu YaBBaDu 0 7135
Lf a toplaner and a support for ranked team 5v5 Charisma X FikiCZE 1 8151
Gamers2, NiP, SK Gaming Prime & more in FACEIT Challenger Invitational FACEIT Polarski FACEIT Polarski 0 7123
Referrals PerwollCRO PerwollCRO 0 7133
Looking for Ranked team Hymen Mîlkshake Hymen Mîlkshake 0 6855
Lf a toplaner and a support for ranked team 5v5 Charisma X PerwollCRO 1 7673